GG4 – The Sand King

From there, we explored a bit more. We found this spot wiv sum magic water (I fink it was magic, anyway. Very refreshing.) We found this spot wiv a big ravine and lava at the bottom. It wos all very educational.

Eventually, we got to this spot where we could ‘ere voices coming from behind the wall. Chimera opened it up, an we ‘ad a look inside. There was a bloke doing sum glassblowin’ and a few guards and shit. Long story short – it was ‘im. The Sand King. (Bit embarrassing, actually – we ‘ad ter asrt ‘im ter please identify ‘imself so we could stomp ‘im).

Well, it was a fight. Chimera and “C-Dog” (I don’t know why ‘e insists on bein called that) took down the archers, me and Bayedrin kept the guards busy, ‘an Ruz proceeded to fuck up the Sand King’s day all by ‘er dead little self. We were winnin pretty ‘andily. So I frightened off one of the guards, knocked out another, and walked over knocked out Mr Sand ‘imself just before Ruz poisoned ‘im ter death. One ‘it. Nicely judged. (Nice ‘ow these gloves is already come in ‘andy).

Anyway. We ties ’em up and wakes em up ‘an proceed wiv makin’ frets.

The negotiations went very well – Ruz is good wiv the persuasive. We got sum cash, sum weapons (Glass! ‘Ood o thought? Magic, ‘o course.) and Ruz wanted 10%. Well, at this I pulled ‘er aside – me coming from a certain background, an I says ter ‘er “Ruz, the way these fings is done, if we takes a percentage that means we is obliged ter defend our investment. On a ongoing basis, if yer get my drift. It’s a bit of a commitment.”

But Ruz wanted ter do it, and it’s not like Lorne owns us. Although ‘e does own the ‘ouse. Anyway – ‘ell probably be ‘apply wiv the deal anyway. So done, do worries. Nice chunk ‘o change and maybe a bit of excitement on a ongoing basis. Suits me.

So, everyone is friends now an no-one is unnecessarily dead. At the entrance (the proper one), they told us there wos mushrooms wot give off this gas wot gives yer hallucinations, so ‘old yer breaf. And just outside, we found the uvver ‘arf of the team and the free monks from Drask fully tripping on mushrooms.

Now, the monks from Drask were the blokes wot came around to our ‘ouse, gave us shit about sum dragon blood, ‘an then sent us ter kill the Sand King. So we hauled ’em out of the mushrooms, tied ’em, and gave ’em ter the guards at the door as a little present, explaining’ the situation. They seemed very ‘appy ter take delivery. Wouldn’t like ter be in them monk’s shoes. I’ll bet that when the Sand King is upset over summik, the person responsible ‘as a very nasty time involving ‘ot glass.

An ‘ome ter bed.

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