GG4 – Crime Empire

With luck, the state of our criminal empire is avilable at

So anyway. Lorne takes off ter the reaches wiv arf of the crew – mainly the arf wot is a bit more experienced at fings – an leaves me in charge.

Me? Well – it is a bit of a surprise. But ‘e wants me ter run fings, expand a bit. An surprisingly, I can read, write and figure. Learned ‘ow to when I wos a kid, coming as I do from a mercantile background. We goes ter the mud caves looking for some likely lads, but they is all beggars. There was one kid named “Hansel” organising fings, so we ‘ired ‘im and two of is mates named Gretel an Spike. Put em up in a cobbler’s.

So me and ooever is left is dahn the pub, talkin shit, wotsername is very keen on ‘aving a griffin taxi service, but I feels it is too much like real work. Anyway, one of them monks wot we gave ter the Sand King walks up wiv our monthly cut. 220 gold, thank yer very much. A bit embarrasing that the Sand King is doing business while we ‘ave basically done fuck all. But the payment gives us a bit ‘o motivation, innit?

We decides that we needs ter keep this money separate, and wot wiv this ‘an that, and considerin’ ow Lorne doesn’t want the wrong sorts of people at ‘is ‘ouse (already lost that battle, if yer arst me), we decides that we is going to rent some legit premises in The Bazzar, wot is right next door. The premises in The Bazar is firty gold a month. We decided something low-key wot didn’t attract too many customers would be a good idea, so we ave a legit business – a “You Stow It”, and a business account wiv the dwarves – wiv a chequeing facility. Mum always said that if yer appears ter be running a legit business and pays yer taxes, the King turns a blind eye.

You may ask wot is the use of opening a business when ‘ouse Kundarrak alredy does the same fing much better than we ever could. Well – that’s the beauty ovvit. We don’t want average geezers comin’ in the door, wastin’ our time. Anyone wants something stowed at u-stow-it instead of taking it dahn ter Daggerwatch, maybe they ‘ave other business we can ‘elp them wiv, like.

Now, wot is we going ter call ourselves? I still like “Rob’s Recovery Service”, ’cause it was nice an ambiguous. So in memory of that, we all agreed to call our slightly extralegal business “The Service”, wiv the motto “We’re Here to Help (ourselves to your shit)!”

Naah, there is already several groups workin in the city. They is:

The Boromir Clan
‘Alflings. Very big, very old, very important. Actually got a seat on the council, so blurs the line a bit between legit and not. If we gets big, and are very lucky, we’ll eventually be payin’ them directly. Takin them over? Dan’t make me larf. They mainly runs top tier and important bits of lower Sharn.

‘Ouse Tarkanan
Blokes wiv aberrant dragon marks. Not a real ‘ouse – they just call ’emselves that ter piss off the dragonmarked ‘ouses. They run most of the middle wards, wot is where we is. They mainly do theft and murder. Clean, like. In an out.

The Tyrants
Changelings. They do vice, o course. They also is a bit telepathic, so they do blackmail an shit. I’m guessing drugs an poisons, too, cos drugs ‘an vice go tergether like two fings wot is commonly found in close association.

Big lads from Droaam. Large-scale violence. Protection. They run The Cogs and the lower wards. I’ll bet no-one works on the docks wivout their say-so. At a guess, when yer dock at Sharn, yer pays yer protection ter the King and yer protection ter Darsk. They’ll take payment in goods, I’m guessing, so they’ll ‘ave warehouses an shit, and big lads ter shift it. I’m lookin’ forward ter cutting inter their business. It’ll get tasty.

An then there’s all the small groups not worf mentioning,m like the Sand King ‘an us.

Andrew is running a bit of a game-within-the-game to play out building a criminal empire. It works a bit like Risk. You have “coves”, which are just minions, and “made men”, which are special units. It takes 10 coves to run a district. Each month you get an action, although Andrew is doing two a month to speed things up. An action is recruitment, burglary, running a hit, or raiding someone else’s territory. You assign people and some coves, and roll the dice.

So, wiv our name an everyfink, we go recuiting. We find some coves around the district, but we is looking for made men. One is a entertainer wot wants 50 gold a month ter keep people entertained. One is a priest wot wants 75. He’d come in handy if we wos moving inter Hope’s Peak, but we is staying away for the upper level fer now. But we finds a bloke calls ‘imself “The Junkman” – very good ear fer gossip. And a bloke calls ‘imsef “The Charlatan”, ‘oo seems a very ‘andy bloke in general. ‘An six fingers comes alon fer the ride, too.

So. We get the Junkman ter ‘elp wiv recruiting, organise a raid on The Bazzar wiv The Chrlatan, and get Six Finger ter do a spot ‘o burglary in Storm’old. The raid goes sweet as: we ‘arf control the Bazzar now. But the burglary runs inter a spot of bad luck an Six Fingers gets blinded an imprisoned fer six months.

So, what next? I’m thinking o breakin Six Fingers out, cos I is sentimental. It will also send a bit of a message. Dahn’t know if he’ll be much use, but we can put ‘im up an feed ‘im. Good for morale.

Early days.

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