We are up in the mountains, again. Snow and ice. We managed to encounter three ice-centipedes tunelling under the snow. You know: the Remorhaz. Once I got my Fly spell off, I was all right. My Scorching Ray is useless against them. I did manage to drop a lightning bolt into them, which was nice (I have a wand of Displacement at the moment, so I have a spare slot). I wonder if I could research a version of Scorching Ray that does some other type of damage. Acid is most handy, I think.

I’ve also taken to preparing scrolls on the road. I can manage a low level one in a single evening, and they come in handy. I can crank out a first level scroll as powerful as I can make it, or a 2nd level scroll about half as strong over a watch. So I leave a slot free and prepare the spell I want to scribe when we settle down for the evening.

Oh, and I tried Remorrhaz blood. Tangy.

Which reminds me. Klael is being very, very unreasonable. He’s projecting, you know – blaming me for his own actions. Oh, and he’s taken a vow of silence, so it’s brick wall, really. Luckily, Rainen seems happy to heal me from wands and with his own power.

It’s a couple of days later, and we have just dealt with a giant village. We went in under an Invisibility Sphere and overwhelmed the watch. He had an unlit brazier, which looked like a warning beacon. I dropped a darkness on it, but the compound he used also sent up a column of smoke. I dealt with that with a Gust of Wind (from a scroll I had scribed the night before!). Anyway. A fight, as usual. But after the first few moments I could see that the boys were more than up to it. I gave Rainen a Mage Armour and a Displacement, because he always seems to get chewed up.

I flew up and had a bit of a look about. We have about four more giants coming down the hill. I think they are a bit bigger than these hill giants. Possibly they are frost giants. We should prepare an ambush – I have a Major Image good to go.


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