KIngmaker – it’s a little bit embarrasing, actually.

So anyway:

We retrieved this capstone and started to wander back to Freedonia. After a day or so, I began to notice the ill-effects of not drinking fresh blood, so I told everyone that I was feeling especially elvish and needed to go hunt.
Now, I’m actually rather dreadful in the “traipsing through woods and shooting things” area, so I prepared a Detect Thoughts, as most decent-sized animals have at least some rudimentary mental activity.

Detect thoughts work on anything with an Int score. Animals (mammals) have an Int of 2.

I located a badger and shot the thing, and drank it’s blood. It was, well, horrible. Not only did it taste like badger, but the life-force or whatever (I don’t do necromancy, normally, so I’m a little strapped for ways to describe things) was coarse and unpleasant.

It was at bout this time that I noticed Rainor watching me. Well – it had to happen. I decided to let him have the next move, and to cut a long story short he was very nice about things and agreed to help me hunt. We had to tell His Lordship, of course, but we decided against telling Klael just yet.

Well, Jope was quite practical about things, too. Obviously, his main concern was that I don’t suddenly start vampirising the commons in Fredonia. But apart from that, we could manage for the nonce.

Everyone was discussing finding a temple and seeing if some divine help might ameliorate things. We have a cathederal, for heaven’s sake, to Erastil. But I have always worshiped Desna, and it seems to me that the whole point of worshiping a goddess is to get a little help when you are in a jam. You don’t just hie yourself of to whoever has the bigger cathederal. So, that’s more or less what I decided.

We arrived back in Fort Tuskwater. We settled down to take care of business and craft an item or two, but within the day everyone was struck by the power of the Geas on them.

And so we basically departed without further delay, to the river games at Pitax, where the scholar to whom we must deliver this capstone would almost certainly be. Zon-Kuthon seemed pleased enough with that – Klael, Rainor and Jope recovering fully once we were underway.

Not much to say about the trip, really. I crafted a wand of Enlarge Person, as His Lordship enjoys the effect and my old one is just about done. We met some rather nasty things about the size of a horse and covered with poisonous spines. I tried out my new spell – I have finally managed to master that summoning spell in Vordakai’s spellbook!. Speaking of which – I can now manage three rays with a Scorching Ray spell. Not too shabby.

I have also picked up that Stoneskin spell, but with a twist – I can spread the duration between several persons. Although it’s cheaper than the lower level Stoneskin, there’s no way to get around the need for diamond dust altogether. I have prepared some dust with a Shatter spell, enough for 20 applications. It had better be worth it.

Stoneskin (communal) – from Ultimate Warrior

Anyway. The main thing about the poison/spiny things is to attack them at range. Our nameless standard-bearer was badly poisoned, trying to fight the thing.

And finally we got to the games. Rather well-organised, actually, with a pavilion for the freedonian contingent. Our scholar is here, and we will attend to that just as soon as we have freshened up. There are competitions in archery, woodcutting, jousting (which, interestingly, is traditionally done drunk. And I mean very drunk. We actually have a barrel of blackberry wine specifically for the event.) and storytelling and boasting. A shame that halfling Zack Jackson isn’t here . I’m afraid I shall be at somewhat of a loose end.

Then again, I shall have plenty of time to wander around and see the sights. As it were. And if no-one catches me doing it, so much the better.

Desna light my way.

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