Kingmaker – retaking Tatselford

More war. I took a rather more direct hand in this fight. We were re-taking Tatselford. It has a wall, of course, but I suggested to his dukeness a thing or two that I can do, and he incorporated it into his plan.

First, the kobolds came in from the swamp mounted on crocodiles. By some freak chance we had a fog rolling in, and they were concealed until they were more or less right at the town. They attacked but were not all that effective.

Then I began my phase. Two Walls of Stone forming an assault ramp (more a bridge, really) from the ground to the top of the wall. The defenders moved to where they were anchored to hold off the assault, of course, and after giving them a moment to do that I put a Wall of Fire across the top of the town wall.

It was – it was rather nasty, Michael. They jumped – some the wrong way, they ran looking for water, and while they did the first of our teams climbed the ramps and some more brought up siege ladders. Once our people were in place, I dropped the Wall of Fire and left them to it.

And then flew over to the side of down where the Fredonian militia had assembled and did it again.

Which about tapped me out. From there I followed the centaurs, who put flight after flight of arrows into the keep of the castle. Once the troops has rammed the keep door open, the Pitax troops surrendered.

We questioned the leader – a giant – with Share Language (as I know giantish but Jope doesn’t) and Detect Thoughts. He turned out to be something of a loyalist, rather than a mercenary. And – of course – he knew nothing. He was expecting relief but had no idea when it might arrive.

One or two of our mercenaries were quite complimentary about my magic. Apparently, most casters seem to think that their job at war is to hurl fireballs, which although devastating to a unit really often has little tactical effect on a large battle. (A pity I can’t quite manage passwall, but I have been splitting my attention).

The carnage bothers me less than it used to. I hope it is simply that I ma becoming inured, and not that my affliction is having an effect on how I view life.

One Response to Kingmaker – retaking Tatselford

  1. Duke Jope says:

    Note to self: Give Switch some more map-reading lessons.

    Fort Drelev was the town retaken by our swarm of crocodile riding kobolds and friends.

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