DnD random

This is just a “Dear Diary” really.

Die With Honour.
Man – having 8 people at a table blows chunks. We had a two-hour discussion on “does two-weapon fighting stack with flurry of blows”. Problem is that the 3.5 rules don’t say. They have never said. So it’s all opinion and people trying to do textual analysis on the PHB. Pathfinder fixes this kind of bullshit, but Sal has decided that he just doesn’t like Pathfinder.

My character (Xavier the Sorcerer) is ok, but not really built properly. When I trade him in, I’ll come up with a coherent concept and ask Peter to help with the build.

Being epic at a table full of lower-leveled players – at MacquarieCon I copped what Ash had been complaining about at CanCon. Did manage to level up once, though.

So much great stuff to blog, and I haven’t blogged it. Water under the bridge, now. Switch accidentally a ghost (the whole ghost!), but you kind of had to be there.

Skull and Shackles
I had a hissy-fit. It happens. The campaign has rules and minigames for being a pirate – raiding, boarding – but I can’t read the module or it will spoil things, so I can’t simply hijack those rules for my game. Dang. We already pirated a ship and sold it, ransoming off the captain. I am working to make Salty Bob a bit more bloodthirsty and piratical, rather than being a generic healbot. Yarr!

The Treasure of Capt’n Sloughy
Session 1 tonight. Do I feel ready? No. But I suspect I never will. We have a couple of week’s play, but need to settle down to a routine of planning the game on Thursday evening. I have worked out where the campaign should be: step A, B, C, D. But haven’t worked out exactly how we get from A to B.

I have also been guilty of exactly the thing that I had a hissy-fit about: not notifying Alix until the day that I was (or was not) coming over to plan game. Which makes me a goddamn hypocrite. You can’t do that to other people’s time, and I shouldn’t be doing it either. And I haven’t organised minis. I have 4 hours to do so.

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