Yaaargh! We deals with some unwanted attention.

Well mateys, after handing in our first prize ship, we of the Alestorm were feeling a bit cocky, and decided we would raid a village – pickings being slim raiding fishing boats. Upriver, we went, and found a likely spot for some plunder.

First sight of the ship, the natives scattered – they being a bit used to this kind of thing. Four of their fighting men stayed behind, each with a savage, slavering mastiff – four foot high at the shoulder, and with jaws fit to tear a man to shreds

They were riding dogs. CR 1/2, I think.

After a blessing from Besmara, Havok and Mork leapt off the ship, keen for the fight, and Vorok and Aliza following. Meself, having a cooler head, spent a moment summoning a dog or two of my own to keep theirs busy and then headed onto shore. But by the time I got there, it were all but over.

We looted the place for plunder and set sail down the river. But we caught wind of a warship at the river mouth – a Chelaxian pirate hunter, no doubt sent to avenge the loss of the trader.

Bad news that – she were bristling with weapons and Chelaxian marines. Four of them on the trading ship gave us only a little trouble, but sixty be a different kettle of fish. But Aliza it were that saw their helm be in an odd spot – their rudder steered by ropes that could be gotten to by an open porthole.

We anchored behind a bend in the river, out of sight. It seemed to me that the best thing to do would be to send in that sneaky devil Vorak on his own to cut the ropes. Risky, that – if he were spotted, he would have no hope. And so I cast an Augury – “Besmara!”, I called, “If we send Vorak on his own in to deal with the rudder, will it scuttle the lot of us?”

Now, the truth is that I got no reply, Besmara being a temperamental goddess much engaged with business of her own. But I judged it still to be the best plan, and I told the crew that she had answered – although I am not sure they believed it.

Got a 6 on bluff. Oops.

But even then, it were still the best plan. We went overland at night, and rowed Besmara’s Tricorn out to the warship (a magical hat, lad – unfolds into a jolly boat). Quiet as a eel we were. Then Vorak nipped up the bulwark of the warship and into the stern steering house, armed only with his dagger, his natural stealth, and a spell of Mage Armour that Aliza had given him.

Salty Bob has a pretty-much maxed out Profession (Sailor), with Skill Focus and a bonus from Besmara’s Tricorn. It was a skill check to row silently. The DM was kind enough to allow the two of us rowing to average our checks 🙂 .

Well, I be not sure what happened next, there were a fight – but in the gloom Vorak managed to cut the ropes and get out. The ship’s bell rang, and chelaxian marines pured into boats and made for shore. I cast silence and Mork and Havok rowed like the armies of Cheliax were after them – which they would be in short order if we be spotted.

Keegan gave us some Paizo cheat cards, which we burned to get Vorak out of there.

Then we boarded our ship, hoisted the Jolly Roger and set full sail. A bank of catapults, they had. I cast Fog Cloud to throw off their aim, but it were not enough to cover all of them. Still – we only took one direct hit. We passed them, jeering and cursing like sailors true, and out to the blessed sea.

Their captain swore at us departing, threatening to get the mages to scrying us out, but I knew it for a bluff. And so on to the rock, which I will tell ye about after ye have fetched me another pint of grog.

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