Lincoln in His Lover’s Nightgown

Re: Lincoln in His Lover’s Nightgown

So why didn’t the scriptwriter Tony Kushner, a staunch gay rights activist who ‘personally believe[s] that there is some reason to speculate that Lincoln might have been bisexual or gay’, include any of that speculation in the film? … Kushner said:

I wanted to write about a very specific moment …

Not very convincing.

Goddamnit. You talk to a christian, and everything that happens is somehow about christianity. Talk to a scientologist or a PETA activist and every little thing that goes on is seen through the lens of their particular thing.

Can’t a filmmaker – who as it happens is gay – simply not drag in the topic because it’s irrelevant and would slow the movie down?

Of course yes. But according to Tariq Ali, apparently not. It seems that he is unable to comprehend a gay man whose interests are broader and more varied than harping on about teh ghey nonstop.

Well done, Kushner, BTW.

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