PFS – Week 1

Played the intro PFS game at Good Games Lanyon yesterday. I was on my own (sniff!) until a couple of guys from my Wednesday game showed up.

Without too many spoilers, the intro scenario was four basic missions:

  • A diplomacy/fact-finding job
  • A skilly, environmental challenge
  • A puzzle-solving effort
  • A fight

Followed by a concluding big(ish) fight. I critted a bad guy in the face with an Alchemists Fire. Booyah!

I have built a Tengu rogue working for Qadira faction, on the basis that their missions tend to be skulduggery and pinching stuff. You can adjust your character for free until the first level up. I really should look at what I want to make him into, rather than just randomly picking feats. Kukri crit-monkey TWF? Stealthy sneaker? Bluff/diplomacy rogue? He was good at everything except fighting, but pfs games often don’t involve a lot of that. With Str as a dump stat, he’s going to have to rely on sneak attack damage and rogue talents to make SA nastier.

The other guys played pregens – Doug with another Rogue, Andrew with a Cleric, and other guy with a fighter. We had no arcane and two rogues, so it was not a properly rounded party. But no major problems.

I suspect that PFS is better if you get into the background material and participate more. As always, you get out of it what you put into it.

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