Bass is gone

Sold the bass, amp, cab, bits and pieces (SansAmp, Bass Chorus) and threw in the par 56 can.

Didn’t cry 🙂 . Over it, really. Local bloke, plays in a couple of bands. Really he was just buying the Eden cab, but that’s cool.

I suppose the thing is that I have to admit, now, that I wasted years and years dragging it all around with me, stacking it, taking up room, when it turns out now that I was never going to use it again after Swallow finished up. Could have sold it the next day after that final gig.

The guitar is a bigger deal. I bought it to play in Hot Property (the original, which was nowhere near as good as the reformed band) what – 15, 20 years ago? I left church when I was 33, so that’s 13 years I’ve been lugging it from place to place. The effects rack still has the patches set up for church.

I think next to go are the bibles. Well, maybe not the NIV from Megan, or the Thompsons from Dad, or the Living, from my teenage years. But the Strongs, the Vines, the Interlinear … naah, who am I kidding. I’ll lug them around for the rest of my life.

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