Introducing Eunice

Good Games season six. I joined the new game a couple of weeks after it started. The party needed a controller class, and no-one was playing a female, so I built Eunice dump. Oh, and we also needed someone with thievery.

Here’s her backstory.

Eunice Dump (Nicky) is fourth generation nouveu riche.

Old Henry Dump, her great-grandfather, made a fortune in the urine industry and his descendants have been trying to get rid of the smell for the past hundred years. Eunice’s parents (Zebidiah and Elizabeth Dump) married with the usual exchange: his money, her title. Or her connections, at least. Zebidiah was made Baron of Aldergrove, and with the exception of her debut in town and other short excursions Eunice has been a virtual prisoner out the back end of nowhere in the manor on the estate.

Naturally, none of the nearby nobility will have anything to do with her, and she is forbidden to fraternise with the commons, so had grown up more or less alone under the eye of her various governesses. Eunice has psionic talent (requiring some very expensive governesses, as the power is telekinetic), and in daydreams inspired by various books styles herself Mysteria, Princess of some ill-defined and far-off land. (Bishay, from beyond the Javra mountains. Eunice doesn’t realize that she is way, *way* too white to come from there.)

But blood will tell, and within this dippy 15-year-old girl is the soul of a street urchin. For years she has been escaping her rooms for years with a combination of telekinesis and instinctive thievery, exploring the manor – its libraries and old dungeons – and sometimes even wandering outside, particularly at night (because acquiring a tan would give the game away).

Earlier today dressed in her exploring gear (leather vest from god knows where over a lace-trimmed empire-line dress and slippers) she found a closet in one of the many, many attics, and decided that it was actually a magic portal to a strange place full of adventure. She picked the (actually rather basic) lock on it and lo and behold there was indeed a portal inside it. A real, actual, unmistakable magical portal humming and crackling with arcane energy. What should she do? Well – what would Princess Mysteria, mistress of the psionic arts do?

She stepped through …

Henry Dump, of course, is Terry Pratchett’s Harry King. The portal was courtesy of the mad wizard Halaster, as we are doing undermountain as far as I know.

Crunch-wise, Eunice is a telekinetic psion. Her background (imprisoned) gives her thievery as a class skill, and she has taken the psionic skill feat. I picture her picking locks about 50/50 bobby-pin and telekinesis.

I made her human and took the “extra at-will power” option. This means she has three at will powers, targeting Fort, Reflex and Will. Booyah. Although 4th ed is a bit lean on cheese, a telekinetic has a power which – as a free action – can slide an opponent 1 square. No save, no nothing. An orb of Forceful Magic makes this two squares. The feat (insert feat name here) allows her to do it twice per encounter. Not bad. As I have spent feats on it, the DMs have also permitted me to use Far Hand and thievery. Far Hand also allows her to use consumables on allies without having to be in melee, and I like consumables.

I suppose she’s a bit of a re-run of Switch. But there you go.

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