Dungeoneering With Eunice

I missed the first two weeks of the campaign and then another week due to illness, so this week was the third week of play for me. I have not blogged the enchanter or yarn world. This week we woke up in a cavern underground, after mushroom spore dreams from last week.

Dear Diary,

Today I woke up underground. Or I’m dreaming that I’m underground – I really don’t know because things have been topsy-turvy since I went through the portal. I’m probably really laying on my bed at home on death’s door with a fever or something, but it feels real here.

So I woke up and there’s Grumdorf and the man with the shovel and all the others who I haven’t really met yet and they told me that I was unconscious from breathing mushroom spores. And we are trying to find the Drow, although I really don’t know why, because I read that drow are elves who are very dangerous and evil and live underground. So there was a passage going back to the surface and a passage going underground and I said well if we are trying to find drow then we should go downwards and everyone was arguing and here was a cave-in so we all had to go down the down passage anyway.

Daniel, Andrew and I think Brendan and a couple of others are dicking around, playing “but what’s my motivation?” So Alix pulls the “rocks fall, everybody dies” trick.

So we go down the passage for a while and its dark but I have my magic torch and other people have torches, too. Then some more rocks fall and we are split into two groups. It’s me and Mr Shovel and an elven archer and [Drewf’s character] and there’s too many rocks to lift so we have to continue on but I tell everyone that if we keep a hand on the right-hand wall then we will find our way back.

Yes, John – I’m aware that that only works for simply-connected planar graphs. Eunice is 14, ok? Maybe younger.

And we come to a room and there’s big goblins in it and there’s a prisoner who is sort of a human dog-person (he’s called a Gnoll) and he’s a prisoner and there’s a fight and then we finish and we release the gnoll and he is very happy and he comes with us. Oh and I found a diamond but if we want to find our way back we will have to ask for help and maybe bargain, so I gave it to the shovel man.

“Shovel-man” – sorry dude, it’s embarrassing but I haven’t gotten everyone’s name down yet. Anyway, he has the best diplomacy. In-game justification is that Eunice doesn’t really have much of an idea of the value of money, and she has a streak of cunning from her low origins.

And we go further on and we follow the wall and there’s a big insect thing and everyone fights it and I push it away.

Umber Hulk, but way nerfed.

And then we come to a big room and there is a pool of water and some frog men. And there is a long fight and we are winning, and then all the frogs go back to a silver tree and start croaking and chanting and the tree catches fire. And I don’t know what the tree will do but its probably bad so I lift some water from the pool onto it and it goes out and the frogs dive into the pool and swim away.

Eunice’s daily is “Telekinetic Lift”. Lift a willing ally or an object of up to 400lbs. That’s about 160l, or 32 american gallons of water. Maddie (the DM) totally didn’t see that coming 🙂 . Neither did the bullywugs. It’s why I picked telekinetic flavour for my psion – it has potential for fun.

And that’s what happened today.

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