Khadem Alegdh – level 3

Woot! Level 3!

So. Skill ranks in perform oratory and perform comedy. Versatile performance means I use oratory instead of diplomacy and sense motive. At level six, I will be using comedy instead of bluff and intimidate.

A skill rank in linguistics, Khelish (that’s the local language, right? I’ll modify it before play if I have that wrong). Khadem studied the language prior to leaving on this trip, and hanging around the marketplace where we have docked has smoothed out his pronunciation.

Feat: Spellsong. Has two uses. One – burn a bardic performance round to maintain concentration on a spell while casting another one. Meh. Two is far more interesting: burn a bardic performance round to disguise the act of casting a spell (perception or sense motive vs. your perform check).

What spell might I need to disguise? My new 1st-level spell! Charm person. Obviously!. Fits right in with the Oratory and Acting.

Next level, I will grab Gallant Inspiration and I think Pilfering Hand as my second-level spells. Pilfering Hand means that he’s finally useful in combat. But that’s 3 games off. Also need to put ranks into Perform (Dance) for the 10th-level versatile performance (acrobatics). But that’s 21 games away. Nearly a year, if we play every fortnight. Of course, I could always find another group for the off week – that’s the charm of organised play.

Or I could DM myself on the off week. I’d run a different game, of course. Or maybe not! Co-ordinate with Ben, perhaps. Hmm.


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