PFS at Pheno ’13

Well, it’s Saturday.

I have played 3 games, leveling up my Bard to 4. Fun times. PFS is not really my favourite thing, but is an ok way to spend a weekend.

Highlights for me so far were:

Beating the no-win scenario.
There’s a game where you really can’t achieve both goals A and B – you have to choose. Except we totally did, thanks to the party rogue.
Actually using bardic fascinate.
The dudes needed to make a sneak raid on a patroled station. My bard went around the front and commenced a comedy/acting performance, involving a halfling attempting to use a fishing net just a bit too big for him. Bluff check to disguise the fact that he was distracting them, perform check to be funny enough to watch. After attracting the attention of the guards, the supervisor came out and told them to get back to work. Bam – that dude became the target of the fascination attempt. I like to think that my bard watched the audience and timed a particularly brutal pratfall for that split-second when he had that supervisor’s attention. The suprvisor failed his save, and with him watching the hilarious antics of this halfling, the rest of the guards kept watching too, and we got three melee guys in there before they noticed. It turned a brutal scenario involving getting over a defended wall while being pelted with missiles into an easy win.
We talked to an aberration.
Rather than attacking an aberration, we talked to it. Managed to exchange food (some live chickens) for passage. The DM was great.
We talked to a mushroom.
Same DM. The mushroom spoke druidic, and we had a couple of druids who negotiated our way past. Basically, we blitzed the scenario by having just the right people to get through nonviolently.
Saving finale.
I like playing support casters that save the day by rescuing other characters with a well-placed spell. Saving Finale turns an “Oh, Shit!” moment into “Not a problem.” It’s the main thing I did not enjoy about epic Die With Honour – everyone has jewelry, and there isn’t a lot of co-operative play.

And just generally being inspiring. At the end of the day, +1 to everyone’s damage comes to quite a few hp to the credit of the bard. Still not my favourite class, but this dude is turning out to be ok to play.

2nd-level spells: Glitterdust (because it’s awesome to the point of being broken) and Gallant Inspiration, because that’s how I roll. One of the DM’s recommended Heroism, but it’s single-target only and meh. It’s good, but not good enough.

Goddammit, it’s nearly half-past midnight, and game on at 9AM tomorrow.


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