The weekend that was

Big weekend. Enormous weekend. Pheno ’13 Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday, home game on Sunday, Good Games on Monday. I’m wrecked.

My PFS character got killed. Should have seen it coming – the DM announced that “if you don’t tell me, then it didn’t happen”, mumbled some crucial colour text (which in-game our characters would have been studying for days), and then when we reached the Door of Doom announced that he needed us to repeat exactly the right words – no, the fact that out characters would have made notes of this was not good enough. AKA: “so you walk downstairs with no pants on” DMming (you know, ’cause you didn’t tell me that you were putting on your pants).

Should have turned back then and there. Oh well. Khadem is dead. I think my next character will be a half-orc ranger. Darkvision and a bow.

Home game was big, too. Army battle, then a lesser Jabberwock (which was the toughest thing we had ever faced – confusion is a bitch and any one of our characters can one-round kill any of the others), then we had to recite a magical chant to open the portal to the Other Place. The chant involved something about a “Highway to Hell”, and the DM gave us a handout with the words to recite. Correct method, there.

Monday was way more relaxed. Navigating through a trapped vault, most of which traps were nonlethal. I used a mundane item (Foaming Plaster) which I had purchased on a whim, in-character. Eunice spoke to an angel who, sadly, had to inform her that no – she was not dreaming all this.

And it’s not quite over, yet. Tomorrow I run Quest For Perfection part I. I have run PFS before, but now I am dealing with an organiser for Canberra and I want to perform well as a DM. You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression, and I discovered on the weekend that I don’t know some of the intricacies of the rules as well as I should.

Need to print out some handouts. I loathe reading blocks of colour text.

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