New PFS Character

So! I have my new PFS character.


Half-orc Magus. 14, 15, 14, 14 +2 racial, 10, 8.

Favoured class: Magus. +1 hp.

Combat Casting. +4 to cast defensively.
Alternate racial feature – Scared Tattoo. +1 to all saves. Replaces Ferocity.
Alternate racial feature – Shaman’s Apprentice. Endurance as a bonus feat. Replaces “intimidating”.

Three traits from Phemom ’13 DM freebie.
Combat Trait – Armour Expert. -1 to armour check penalty.
Orc Trait – Unbreakable Hate. +2 to all concentration checks.
Cheliax trait – Desperate Focus. +2 to all concentration checks.

Gold and XP from We Be Goblins and from DMmming Quest for Perfection 1, so I have enough cash for decent gear.

MWork chain shirt.
MWork battleaxe.
Composite Longbow +2 str.
20 Arrows.
20 Blunt arrows.
20 Paper candles (we be goblins)
Magus’s Kit.

  • 1/2 Orc for darkvision. I’m happy to swap the other orc goodies out for other things, but darkvision is worth paying for.
  • The magus ignores arcane failure from light armour (same as a Bard). Masterwork + Armour Expert means the armour check penalty is zero. Note that Gark can sleep in light armour with no penalty via Shaman’s Apprentice.
  • Battleaxe can be wielded one or two handed, so 2-handed when not casting for that extra 1 point of damage.
  • +8 to cast defensively. The workhorse spell at low levels will be Daze, a cantrip. At level 1, I’ll be able to cast it defensively on a 6-20, and no biggie if it fizzles. Also packing Shield and Colour Spray.
  • I will make him a wand user, I think. It’s the only way to get one spell after another off in combat. But you can’t use a wand “defensively” … hmm. Have to think about it.
  • Good Dex for AC and bow usage. Khadem participated in a TPK because we didn’t have a ranged combatant with darkvision. Don’t care about precise shot, because when it comes to melee he’ll be in there with the axe.

Main issue is that without social skills, he’ll have trouble with faction missions.


Gark is puny compared to most half-orcs, but way intelligent. He also lacks the “Graahh!” factor, not having ferocity or intimidation. Furthermore, he’s Chelaxian. LN, worships Asmodeus. So:

Gark’s mother was a chelaxian human mage, who offended the wrong person. For her punishment, she was handed over to the guards for a night, with stern orders that they were not to kill or permanently maim her. She fell pregnant, and although no-one actually knows who his father was, he was named “Torgson” after Torg – the local idiot.

Thanks to his comparatively puny frame, he learned early on not to challenge other half-orcs, and focused the orcish rage inwards. He hates half-orcs, particularly big & dumb fighter/barbarian types. This spills out to monstrous humanoids in general (he has Goblin, Orc, Giant and Drconic as languages).

And almost as much as he hates the bigger half-orcs, he despises his mother for her weakness, and for passing that weakness onto him.

IOW: he’s pretty fucked up, emotionally. Hence the low charisma. He takes offense too easily, and hangs onto grudges unnecessarily.

But he got an education in the arcane, and learned discipline in his own way (shaman’s apprentice). He has polynesian-style tattoos over most of his body, which earns him a little respect in some quarters.

He’s LN, which is his answer to the Orc beserker rage. His anger runs cold, not hot. He serves Asmodeus first, the Pathfinders second.

One day, he’ll die by refusing to back down in the face of something he should run from. But he’s not a hero. In his mind he’s just a runty half-orc who learned some magic from his mum.

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