Just briefly:

We went through the portal to Nerissa’s demiplane. Found Zutteger’s footprints and followed. Encountered some pixies, which we frightened off, and five lightning treants which creamed us. We did manage to take down two, but had to flee back to the portal which (thankfully) opened to let us through.

Jope will now be on his sixth cohort, who will be built as a healbot.

The only high points for me were using a metamagiced Scorching Ray – these things were immune to fire and healed by electricity, but thankfully not immune to sonic – and summoning a Wall of Iron with a Greater Shadow Conjuration. Took the treants one round to punch through, but got the paladin out of there without his having to take AAOs.

It’s a nice comedown from being world-striding 16th-level demigods.

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