GoodGames – Eunice finds a … thing

Very straightforward game – we beat up an Illithid. A single one. Took the whole party to do it.

The dwarves gave Eunice a shiny, earlier, but Eunice doesn’t really have a lot of use for dwarvish shinys. Shoop found something interesting on the Illithid, and swapped it with Eunice. It’s a Bag of Holding.

I have finally christened my cheap-ass sewing machine, and sewn together a Bag of Holding for Eunice. I’m quite pleased with it, it’s suitably Illithid, suitably … wrong. I had to compromise, seeing as I’m dealing with conventional materials – boring real-world matter. But you get the effect, I think. More I shall not say.

Oh – except that it’s purple.

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