So we were in this temple and Ank was asleep and Shoop was asleep and some people came and started shooting fire at us, so we fought them and it was not going well, and then Ank woke up and took care if it all. Which was good, but then he opened up their heads and started eating their brains and [the dwarf] told him to stop it.
Ank has illithid brain worms (oh noes!)
My floating disk was still going, so we put shoop on that and then we tried to leave the caves but everything was different and I think were are back in Halaster’s maze.

We found a room with some supplies, so I took some blankets and some rations and some lamp oil and some other stuff and it all fitted in my new magic bag.

Then we found a corridor with three rooms and there was a plque that said one doo goes back to where you came from, and we opened it and it was the dwarf city so we went though there and there was a big eye thing with eyes (which are called beholders, by the way) and we had a fight. I couldn’t do much, but I had a blanket in my bag so I threw that over its head with my “other” hand and I looked through my stuff to see if there was anythihng useful and I had some glue so I got eolith to throw it on the beholder and it worked byt the beholder just ripped the blanket off and became very cross.

General hilarity. Eunice’s “other hand” is her “Far Hand” power, of course, which she can use twice per encounter. The DM explicitly gave her two blankets from the storeroom. So blanket+far hand+beholder … . Even better, Eunice filled her pack with a bunch of miscellaneous stuff from the enchanter. I used the “Foaming Plaster” last week, this week I found a use for the “sovereign glue” 🙂
I had another blanket, and things were not going very well for the beholder, so it opened up some kind of portal and now we are all in Menzoberranzan and everyone else is here and I don’t know what’s happening.
Suddenly, Menzoberranzan.

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