Random treasure

So anyway, we killed a dragon. An elder black dragon, if you please. I should write it up, but there was a lot of fumbling around. Got turned to stone, at one point.

Anyway. Dave the DM looks at the loot in the module and says “Pfft! Call this a dragon hoard? Ok, guys: weapons, armour, rings, rods, staffs or wondrous items. Pick one each, roll percentile.”

I picked “rods”. Hey – I could get lucky!

Rolled 100.

Greater metamagic rod of quicken.


Has Desna forgiven Switch, yet? I don’t know. But things have definitely gotten cheesier.

One Response to Random treasure

  1. BrettW says:

    Horry chit. Nice rolling.

    You’re lucky Desna didn’t go, “Yeah that’s a nice roll, try again.”

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