With permission from the DM, Ekemon is now a shade rather than a tiefling. Pretty much all the options for shadow power source are dex-based strikers, and tiefling is actually not a good pick.

We will be going straight from level 0 to level 5, and I have built the 5th-level Ekemon. He should kick ass. Not 100% sure about one of the feat picks, though. I grabbed the “agile recovery” skill power – but meh. Being prone isn’t as bad in 4th ed as in 3.5, as it doesn’t trigger an AAO.

These people are fools.

After defeating the slavers and being the only crew aboard, they elected to knock the captain unconscious. Normally a fine idea, but he was the only one who knew how to sail a ship.

We sailed into port like – like idiots who don’t know hw to sail a ship. Impaled it on the end of a dock. I had had the foresight to suggest that we douse the captain with rum and blame it all on him.

Establishing Ekemon’s charcater. He is a bad guy.

We negotiated with the dockmaster, offering “our” ship and cargo as payment for the damage. Then we got out of there.

Odd. I keep saying “we”. Battle forges such bonds, I have heard, and now I find it to be somewhat true. These ten or so are no more to me that all the rest of the rabble in the world, save for one thing: I have fought alongside them, and survived. If I had to choose someone in all the world yo guard my back, I would pick one of these over a complete stranger.

But I shall not become sentimental.

To continue: we needed work. I and two others ended up at a bar, the two others becoming involved in a stupid bar fight. No-one was injured or looked like becoming so, so I held back. My new comrades handily dealt with the two, who – it turned out – had nothing but a silver between them. I paid the unconscious drunk a kick in the ribs for his silver. No-one challenged me – it was that sort of place. I am beginning to appreciate just how lawless this city is.

More RP. After the fight, Ekemon stealthed over to the unconscious guys and went through their pockets. Rolled a 13, which means someone is going to notice. But Ekemon doesn’t give a shit what people think of him – he’s evil. He assumes that everyone would do as he did, and would expect everyone else to do so, too.

We all wound up at some merchant’s place, looking for work. Our captain was there with nothing but good to say of us – after we foundered his ship, lost his cargo, and tried to blame it all on him. Either he is an idiot, or playing a deeper game. We were given a mission to “prove ourselves” – the recovery of something or other without much clue as to what that something or other might be. Frankly – I wasn’t paying attention. There were more than enough of us keen to win the dubious prize of a mission of some sort. I simply tagged along.

Just keeping my options open.


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