The Last Dark

Finished Stephen Donaldson’s ‘The Last Dark’. The first Tomas Covenant was out 30 years ago, so it’s been a while to wait.

Didn’t like the ending.

I’m so dissapointment. I didn’t like the ending.

The resolution to the She Who Must Not Be Named plot thread was white-bread american individualism. I would like to have seen it more integrated into the fundamental theme of the whole series, which is Love. She ought to have recognised that the Creator didn’t turn his back on her – she left him (at the connivance of the ever-oily Lord Foul) and shoofed back into eternity to bump divine uglies with her long-lost true love and birth more worlds. Instead we got a “I am woman! Don’t need me nobody but me!” and off she went – a declaration as close to despite (in the sense that the word is used in the book) as you could wish.

As for Lord Foul himself, the solution was that TC had to accept and integrate his dark side – a solution startlingly identical to that at the end of the Ultima series of computer games.

What I would like to have seen is Jerimiah build a prison for him and Tomas and Linden throw the bastard into it. As Kasyeyn pointed out: with the White Gold it is possible to build a construct that is perfect. More than that, insofar as the earth was built as a prison for LF, TC is his warden. His jailor. And finally, the talisman of the Wild Magic (“that destroys peace”) is a pair of wedding rings – symbolising love, and being eternally bound by it.

It all fits beautifully: LF wearing the White Gold (like he always wanted) as manacles, thrown into an oubliette forever.

Instead we got “You just got to learn to love and accept yourself”.


Sorry Stephen. I have looked forward to that book for years, and I feel let down. I mean, I bet you’re copping all kinds of shit over it, and I’m just one in a million. Maybe even literally. Be that as it may: didn’t like it.

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