Big weekend

Big weekend of PFS. They were running Echoes of the Overwatched at GG on Sunday, then moved back to Ben’s house (Venture-Captain Ben Jordan to you) for Glass River Rescue. Then Feast of Ravenmoor all day Monday.

Echoes of the Overwatched – we had to play uptier, which I always hate. Boss was bad news.
Glass River rescue – a pretty straightforward extraction job.
Feast of Ravenmoor was a horror-themed game. Creepy as hell.

Oh, and on Wednesday played the Temple of Empyreal Enlightenment. We didn’t complete the scenario. We figured out what was going on, but we had a bad party mix – no melee at all. We did the mission we had been assigned (map the pace, take some rubbings), and then GotTFO without confronting the BBEG. Zack saved another character from being killed outright. Oh, and there was some in-game intra-party sex. Chicks dig hairy toes. We were considering using a potion of reduce person to put the two parties on a more even footing, but the level 1 spell only goes for a minute and Zack is definitely a two-minute man.

Other highlight was using Grease to get into a lootful spot. I also have a potion of Reduce Person for the purpose. Grease is such a great spell – its value is that it remains useful as you level up, unlike (say) Sleep. An important consideration for a spontaneous caster.

Zack Jackson is now level 4.

I’m thinking of writing something along the lines of a formal rules question re “Dirty Trick” in PFS games. The rules appear to be contradictory and unclear. I’m pretty sure I can cite the problematic material and reduce it down to a set of yes/no “is X legal?” questions.

On another note, I have taken the spell ‘Revelation’, which is a GM fiat device like Augury. I used it when we were assigned our mission, sort of to provide an in-game mechanism to fish for anything we might have missed asking about. The GM pointed out that we had failed to ask for a rather pertinent bit of info. If the GMs are cool with it, I’ll make a habit of it. The other use of the spell is to provide a bonus to a single Disable Device attempt. Zack is a bard with a trait (vagabond child) that gives him DD as a class skill.

On the whole, Zack shines in a party which has combat covered. A party with a non-combat cleric, a gunslinger, and a sorcerer not so much. I think I’ll kit him out with consumables (much like Switch, really). In Feast of Ravenmoor he gave a potion of Protection from Evil to the tank in the first round of the big fight, and it was both tactically good and also characterful.

Other thing he needs is a way to switch between whip and rapier without having to drop ’em. A glove of storing would be great. A few potions of invisibility would also be a good investment.

Next level – lingering song. His Archaeologist’s Luck goes up to +2, so it will be more worthwhile. His feats are Agile Maneuvers and Spellsong – spellsong is mainly for applying Charm Person when needed.

As always, it never pays to get too attached to PFS characters. They do tend to get killed. But Zack is ok for now.

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