Been collecting WOTC miniatures for years. Today, I lent out a swag of them to Andrew, who is running Season 8 at Good Games. It was fun showing off my collection, of course. Who on earth collects things who doesn’t want to show them off?

I also have flip mats, map tiles (didn’t show him the map tiles! Drat!), and I and the dudes I play with on Friday between us own far, far too many Dwarven Forge dungeon tiles. A pity that merely owning that stuff doesn’t make you competent to design and run a campaign *sigh*. Yes, I still feel bad about season 5.

Anyway. As I said to him, “anything you can think of, we can probably do”.

The key is to overcome being paralysed by choice, and I think planning out what you want to do. If you are using dungeon tiles, you can’t rock up with a vague idea of “we will fight some bandits in a forest”. You need to map out your forest using the tiles beforehand.

Anyway. Nice to see my collection getting used.

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