RIP Durak Stoneson

Durak Stoneson
Faithful servant of Torag

Durak got done by a boss – an ice wight. And he rose as a wight (and was clobbered), which means that he can’t be raised.

‘Bye Durak! You were kind of interesting, but not built as well as you could have been. My main mistake was Stonelord+Cleave.

Cleave gets you extra attacks as a standard action. It’s cool if you are mobile. But a Stonelord needs to stand in one spot for his defensive stance, so you are making full attacks most of the time anyway. Great Cleave lets you attack N guys at once – but most of the time you only face one or two. And haste will give you as many attacks as you can usually get by cleaving.

With Morgan back, we are reverting to “Everyone buff Gauthakan”. Which works well. With Aeona and Dave’s character (temporary mental block on the name), we have enough magic. Without new Andrew’s ranger, we are critically short of ranged capability. If New Andrew weren’t coming back soonish, I hope, I’d build a ranger.

Blaster sorcerer? Could work, but a) New Gauthakan will be charging into melee all the time; and b) it doesn’t interest me.

I’m playing a bard elsewhere, and frankly they’re kind of lame.

Samurai? Ninja? Magus? We have enough melee.

Druid would be an interesting choice. But the spell list is lame. The best thing to do with a druid is to self buff and go Wild Shape, which comes back again to we have enough melee. Same goes for Monk, and I have played a monk before anyway.

I’m thinking either Bard – with a personality very different to Zack Jackson (emo? A bard into The Cure?) Naaah – Doomsinger and Dirge Bard suck. How about a Geisha male bard? A manwhore? No – “Tea Ceremony” is incredibly shit. Bard in general won’t work – this is not an urban campaign.

Perhaps a male witch? A warlock? Naah – DM doesn’t like ’em. Nerfed them last time he ran game. Inquisitor? A possibility, but fact is – I just can’t be bothered learning the new rules. On top of that, it’s a “social skills” class – Zone of Truth and all that.

Ok. Straight-up healbot – Aasimar, and stack on the “extra channel” feat. There are some amusing spells for clerics, so maybe “scribe scroll” so I can use my slots for spontaneous healing. And a wand of Bull’s Strength with starting money (must ask Andrew how much starting cash).

It steps on Aeona’s toes a bit, but on the other hand frees Brett to do more interesting things with her (she’s an oracle of time). It also means that when Dave’s character is not doing the Eidolon thing there are three squishies to protect rather than two.

But on the plus side, it means that there is one character, at least, without wisdom as a dump stat.

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