Fear on Campus

Re: http://www.avoiceformen.com/mens-rights/fear-and-loathing-in-kingston-ontario-confronting-lies-at-queens-university/

“Friedman invited the audience to think about what a rapist looks like before putting up an image of a dark figure on the screen behind her. The figure appeared to lurch forward, held a knife and was, while humanoid, clearly not human. It had large, beaming white sockets for eyes and an evil grin literally from ear to ear. It was scary looking but Friedman insisted that while that is what people think about when thinking about rapists, it’s not the reality. The reality was, yes, you’ve guessed it – a white guy. He was a good looking white guy with nice teeth, great hair, clean shaven and athletic. He carried a backpack, indicating his student status.”

This is stunning, absolutely amazing. She projects up a scary figure. What happens? You get scared – heart rate goes up, mouth goes dry, palms start to sweat, digestion shuts down. Then while that panic reaction is still setting in, she flashes up the picture of the regular dude. What does the midbrain think? “I’m feeling panic, and I’m seeing that regular dude. That’s what must have scared me.”

It’s that simple. That’s what it’s all about. You can do the same trick any other out group – race, class, religion. Provoke the panic reaction, then link it to an image of whatever.

“the speaker for some reason actually began crying, and immediately set to work on whipping the audience into a paranoid terror – “as we were deciding whether or not to hold this event, we talked a lot about safety – and fear,” she said, while sobbing. It was a theme that was constantly reinforced throughout the event. On two separate occasions women referred to their “fear” and began sobbing uncontrollably.”

The reason for the fear is that these poor young people are being frightened. Systematically, cynically being terrorised by people they trust. It’s beyond disgusting. It’s straight up cult-like mind control. It’s no different to those old-time churches where the preacher frightens the people with stories about the reality of hell, and they are sitting in their seats terrified to the bone, listening to every word.

It should be criminal. Maybe it is. At the very least, this type of psychological manipulation is an atrocious breach of ethics.

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