Level 7

Well, Zack Jackson has hit level 7.

I suppose I should do a new 1st-level character. For PFS, I wonder if an Urban Ranger or an Inquisitor might be the go? Problem is, I’m really happy with Zack.

Yesterday evening we had a strightforward cleric, a paladin, a ranger with a 2-handed sword, and an archaeologist. So: a full cleric and three backup healers; two hitters – tank and striker; detect evil and detect magic at will; all the knowledge; and a trap disarmer. It was a really, really good party and we had no trouble whatever. Only thing we were light on was arcane and AoE.

The final fight, Zack took down the BBEG with a “Cacophanous Call – six rounds of nauseated, and the cleric disposed of the zombies. Game over. The two hitters destroyed the evil MacGuffin by whacking it. Job done. Barely a scratch on anyone.

For level 7, I am putting a rank in Perform (Oratory), which is occasionally a thing, and rounding out the rest of his skills. I’ll leave just one point in the knowledges, except for K(Local) which is his day job.

Feat – Extra Rogue Talent (trapfinding).

Spells – Vanish (level 1, five rounds of invisibility), and the two best buffs in the game: Haste and Displacement.

He has 14.5kgp, and 29 fame, so 11,750 gp limit on any single item. Headband of charisma is the obvious pick for a bard, but it’s one extra 1st level spell and a +1 to some skills and spell DC. Unlike a plain bard, he doesn’t use Versatile Performance so it’s not going to help enough to make it a good pick.

Definitely time for a mithril chain shirt, to reduce that armour check penalty to zero. A +1 shirt and a +1 buckler is a cheap way to get AC. I could go shield, but he often needs to switch weapons (whip/rapier).

Adding “dueling” to the whip is an extra 6k. Cool, but not cool enough. Rod of lesser extend would be worthwhile, think. Wand of Sound Burst – maybe a bit too pricey. Handy Haversack: can I trade in the bag of holding? Slippers of Spider Climbing – need a price check. I should check out Ioun stones for the wayfinder. Ring of ffall, perhaps.

Dude last night had a stunning bit of cheese – gloves of reconnaissance. Only 2k. I’m tempted.

And there are several 3rd level spells that might be worth purchasing a scroll. You can spend a lot of money that way. Clairvoyance, Daylight, Communal Delay Poison, Elemental Speech, Mass Feather Step, Gaseous Form, Invisibility Sphere, Jester’s Jaunt, Mad Monkeys, Remove Curse, Scrying, See Invisibility, Speak With Animals, Tiny Hut, Tongues (communal) – that’s 5k right there for just one of each.

Perhaps one of the main things that will get ZJ killed is drowning. Swim is not a class skill, and it’s strength based. Can’t put enough skill points into it to address it that way, so I need items. There’s an ‘air crystal’ in one of the books. Hey! A cracked irridescent spindle is only 500gp!

Other thing that will get him killed is his lousy Fort and Will saves. He’s going to start spending time Vanished, buffing, and healing. Oh – need another wand of CLW, at least. It doesn’t cut it in combat anymore. I have chronicle sheets for a cure mod wand with fewer charges.

OMG! Sunstone is 350gp! Faerie Fire and a chance of stunning! An Origami Swarm is also a handy thing to have. Nightdrops are 250gp – although ZJ has Dancing Lights and darkness isn’t usually a problem.

Money, money, money.


One Response to Level 7

  1. Paul Murray says:

    Ok. ZJ has a strength of 8. Top priority is reducing him to a light load – it affects stealth, acrobatics, other things. Replace the bag of holding with a handy haversack – 4lbs instead of 7. Replace the chain shirt with +1 shadowed Mirthril chain shirt, and the buckler with a +1 mithril buckler (perhaps mirrored). Everything else except his wayfinder goes in the backpack. His stealth bonus is now 20 which, frankly, is enough. Cracked irridescent spindle in the wayfinder. Purchase a snapleaf. Probably get a rod of lesser extend. Replenish other consumables.

    And that pretty much takes care of all of it.

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