Xavier lives!

Just as I reprised Zack Jackson for PFS, I am reprising Xavier the Sorcerer (pronounced Xavier, the Sorcerer, most beautiful man in creation!) for our home game. We are swapping out Father Whatshisname, leaving Brett’s character back in the role of primary healbot.

I built Xavier as a drow, to which the DM – when I brought him to the table – basically said “Fuck, no!”. Ok, then. Rebuilt him as a Fetchling which is almost the same thing, but without that annoying SR.

I’m trying to distance him from being another Switch. That said, it’s pretty hard to beat “Go invisible, fly, and blatt things” as a tactic. I’ve given him AOE spells and Selective Spell metamagic feat. Aside from blasting, his secondary line is counterspelling and getting himself out of trouble.

(Trigger warning: rules lawyering!)

He has the Arcane bloodline, and carries a spellbook. Now, although he cannot prepare the spells in that book, nevertheless he knows and can read them – he has plenty of spellcraft, Read Magic and whatnot. So his bonded item (bloodline feature) will let him cast one of them per day. He is also rocking a mnemonic vestment and two rings of Spell Knowledge. The spellbook contains spells that are situational, rather than things you always need. Unhappily, the description of the Ring of Spell Knowledge does not tell you how often you can teach it a different spell, so I am playing it as a once-per-day thing.

I have tricked him out with 82k of items, standard for a 11th-level character. The rings take up most of it, +3 cloak of resistance, a metamagic rod (reach spell), and sundry crap.

Just the one game night. I might write it up as a separate post.

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