Chaos Begins

C͞h҉a̴os͢ ̶̷͝b͜ȩ҉gi̕͠͠n̴͝s̨̛͢.̛̕
̸C̶̶͟h̢́a͜o͘͟s a͞҉l͏͝wa̷̴͟y͝s̴͝ ̢h̸̡̀a҉ş̨ ҉͢b̧̛e͏̴e̡͡͏ǹ̸.
̧C̴̵h̷̛a̧os͠͞ ͠í̧̕s̸͠ ̕a̷͘l̵l̀́͢ ̶t͡͠h̢e̷̶r̸̀e͝ ͞͏҉į̕s.̧͘҉

If you stare long enough into the void, something stares back. I learned this, one spring evening long ago. Staring up, staring out, staring down into the void. I clutched the ground to keep myself from falling, but it was too late.

The tapestry is deep. Deeper than comprehension. There is no life, or place, or home. There is only limitless, bottomless dark. The world is nothing. The gods are nothing. We, we are less than nothing.

All I can do is witness the truth of it, and then one day be gone.

Goddammit – I have made yet another dark character. This is becoming a habit. I’ll have to inject a little more YOLO – the elder gods will consume us all, so let’s have another beer! I’ll rethink this intro.

All ends in decay. One day, dread Cthulhu will rise from the deep and consume all, but even that is not the end. The end is the boundless, immeasurable heaven drawn in to become part of the Great Attractor. All shall be one.

Until then, there is the word to spread. All must know that all is futile. Vanity of vanity, all is vanity.

Mixing my metaphors there. This – this just ain’t working. Oh well. Science joke, also, for those that missed it.

Today the chaos has taken me along a new direction. It happened quickly, as disaster tends to do. A marketplace, a priest of Azathoth, the first. Angelborn and a congenial soul, I hoped – most of the crowd stepping around, avoiding facing the truth as they always do. With him, a deep gnome. A convert? Perhaps.

Brett told us that this would be an infinite dungeon game, so we have all picked races with darkvision. An assimar cleric of Azathoth, a snerflebin brawler, and my half-orc inquisitor. The other players are away this week for various reasons, so Brett introed the game with just the three players.

We had barely begun talking, when the plaza was attacked by a fearsome dragon. It scattered the people, it tor down one of the towers. This concerned neither myself nor the priest, as that tower was always destined to fall, anyway.

A figure called us, beckoned us into a doorway. We followed, because – why not? Today was not our day to die. He gave us a key on a keyring, and sent us below, into a wine cellar. Beyond, the cellar opened out into a room with a fine view of the void in which these islands float. But again, we had barely a moment. Three people teleported in – not understanding the danger to their souls and their sanity, for my god is the key and the door. We attempted peaceful contact, but one sounded a horn, and the old woman went for her spell component pouch, so naturally I attacked. At the sound of the horn, the dragon outside began to attack – the roof began to buckle. We killed one, two, three of them – then over a bridge.

We are already beginning to sort out how we do combat. Andrew’s brawler is probably a better fighter, but he has a move of 20′. My dude has 40′ move thanks to having travel domain (All hail Yog-Sothoth! Not that he cares.). In one fun moment of rules-lawyering, Andrew’s character was between me and a dude I wanted to charge. Not a problem! I overran the snerflebin – the rules state that you can overrun as part of a charge, and that a creature being overrun can always opt to just step aside and not attempt a combat manoeuvre check to halt the movement.

Anyway. My half-orc inquisitor with a falchion totally murdered two – possibly all three. Top of the list for Andrew’s character is some boots of striding and springing.

On the bridge was a figure made of metal. I forget what the deal was. Then we faced a door. Naturally, we went through.

On the other side, was a mine tunnel. Clearly a mine tunnel. The snerflebin (Say! Can the snerlflebin be blue? I have a couple of minis of a “blue”, which is a goblinoid, but we can say it’s a deep gnome and shorten it to “smurf”). We noticed that the keyring we were given seemed to indicate a direction, and so we followed.

A trifle Deus Ex Machina, but we can roll with it.

There were doors. We investigated. This was a sealed-off mine – some sort of collapse or cave-in. No exit, no hope for escape. The stone was unsuitable for mining, but dwarves are greedy. We met and fought their undead remains.

The key took us to one of the doors. On the other side, a small indentation. The key fit. I turned it and we stepped through …


  • Dave is still working on his character concept a bit. Azathoth is the blind idiot god. The cleric’s thing is that he has no knowledge religion at all – he is simply making it up. His character’s domains are madness and chaos.
  • Writing this has clarified my dude’s motivations. He worships Yog-Sothoth – the key and the door – and has travel domain, so a dungeon crawl where we teleport from one place to another via magic doors suits him down to the ground. He wants to find the next door and open it. Brett won’t have any trouble supplying motivation for my character 🙂
  • Andrew’s character didn’t get to do a lot in the first combat because I beat him to the punch. This will become less the case going forward, as my character will be spending time casting spells. Being an inquisitor, he will also be stacking on the teamwork feats. If Andrew wants go go there, there could be some synergy. In the zombie combat, he was the main damage-dealer – which is as it should be.

We have three other guys playing – it’s a big group and six is a big table. It was good to introduce things with a smaller group, but it will be cool to se what the other guys have built and how it will work.

DM’s page is here.

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2 Responses to Chaos Begins

  1. DavidM says:

    “We [verb], because why not” needs to be our new motto.

  2. Bill the Bard says:

    I agree it’s a bit dark – grey on black is hard to read. 🙂

    Nice to read your write up. This is going to be our weirdest party yet.

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