More cheese

The DM has given us a planar lucern hammer. Nice, but no-one can use it. I think I am going to have to take a level of fighter next level, and retrain my Heavy Armour Proficiency feat (which fighter gets as a class ability). Judgment Surge looks good. For the fighter bonus feat, I am thinking of that Orc feat that lets you add your Str bonus to intimidate. Pretty sure it’s legal. It’s correct for the character, and there are a few inquisitor spells and whatnot that work off intimidate. With that feat, Brus is as good at intimidate as a inquisitor with reasonable Cha. If I’m doing that, I should put some skills into linguistics. Undercommon, at least. We have a deep gnome in the party, so it works in-game. A problem is that Brus will get 1 (one!) skill point b/c fighter is not his favoured class.

Reatraining a feat normally takes 5 days of downtime. Perhaps an alternative in this campaign might be to retain it *during* level 4 – however long we are at that level for. Like – he’s working on an inquisitor judgment surgey thing because he *already* had heavy armour proficiency like a fighter – he was already halfway there. Arguably, that’s what’s happening now during level 3 … meh. Let’s see what Brett is cool with.

Oh BTW: I was quite wrong about only getting the 1½ str bonus on a natural primary weapon when not making a full-round attack. You get it unless you are making attacks with a different weapon. So, if a creature has a bite-claw-claw routine, the bite does not get the 1½. But that’s not the case with Brus.

Incidentally, I just realised. The lucerne hammer is a reach weapon. The toothy bite is not. So Brus threatens all squares up to 10′ – fun times for flankers and sneak attackers.

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