Trick or Treat

Very fine game this evening. The DM put together this great scenario – a pocket pane where it’s always Halloween. In order to get into the big castle of plot exposition, we must collect candy.

There’s apple-bobbing, jack-o-lantern carving, a gypsy fortune-teller – heaps of harmless and suitable-for-children fun.

Brus nearly got killed twice.

The great thing was the thematic monsters. We wanted to carve jack-o-lanterns. Cool. The dude was out of pumpkins, so he sent us off to the pumpkin patch to get more.


We buffed before going in. There was a scarecrow. There was a jack-o-lantern. And among the pumpkins were at least 3 assassin vines. Brus got grappled and constricted to -1.

But there was more. A haunted house – “Roll up, roll up! Make it through the house in one minute, win candy!”


The bard got a bit touched up. But most of what was in there was grappling/delaying. It was essentially a skill challenge.

So anyway, we made our jack-o-lanterns and decided we would go to the orphanage for naughty and nice boys and girls. Inside were dolls and rat swarms. And yeah – Brus got knocked out with a magical sleep effect and then chewed on by rats. Oh, and doppelgangers.

There was so much good going on with this game. It was truly spooky. Most of all, Brett managed to create a theme without pages of block text, something that most of the module writers at paizo have yet to work out how to do. He didn’t have to tell us that the orphanage was spooky – what else could it possibly be, on an eternal halloween?

The encounters were downright tough – a combination of disabling/debuffing, and heavies immune to the disabling effects. A scarecrow is bad news. A scarecrow that fascinates your fighters while assassin vines grapple and take apart the casters is a whole different level of bad news.

We could have finished off the game, but we were a man down and it would be a shame for Morgs not to get one week of the fun. The gypsies are handing out a couple of very nice buffs that might be permanent. And I’m sure the rogue wants to kiss the girl at the kissing-booth.

Fun times.

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