Forbidden Sky

A little more plot this week. We are working for Coin, now, and attempting to deconstruct Limen’s House. Coin also serves as Ye Olde Magick Shoppe and source of plot exposition.

Brett has picked up the Cthulhu theme and is running with it. We have been sent to an old observatory with instructions to pick up some stuff. Bomb components. While there, we uncovered some notes – it appears that there are certain sectors of the heavens that astronomers do not point their telescopes at. Our suspicion being that if you look at the dark spot 5 degrees southwest of Perseus, something looks back.

There was also a reference to somethng looking like a collection of many glowing spheres. This is one of the aspects of Yog Sothoth, who Brus works for.

The observatory is on some sort of ice world, or maybe just the polar bit of an otherwise nice planet. We are kitted out. A bit of an environmental challenge, getting across 5ft of arctic water. Brus’ travel domain ability came in handy again.

Fought some sort of snow elemental snake thing – rogue was so dissapoint! No sneak attack. Our brawler grappled it, which makes no sense whatever. None. He’s a gnome. It was a large sized snake made of snow and ice. But that’s kind of why Andrew built a deep gnome brawler in the first place. For comedy reasons.

Then a bit of diplomacy with a tribe of natives – work for the bard. Finally the observatory itself. Apparently, some archaeologist is in there and is looting the place. Naturally, we all immediately suspected Zack Jackson – who was with the group that destroyed the fabled and long-lost crystal bridge of Cloudarc Temple.

On arrival at the observatory, we fought a demon. The silver shortsword and planar lucern hammer that the DM had handed us began to make more sense. It was damn tough, which was a bit of a worry. Only one of ’em, took us a while to deal with it.

Oh, and I scored a confirmed triple crit. 20, 20, 20, 14, charging a demon with a planar lucerne hammer. It was getting late, so we ruled that the thing just got exploded. This same die, btw, could barely roll more than four last fortnight. Perhaps I need to start paying attention to the phases of the moon.

Fun times. Christmas is always a bit chaotic re schedule – we will miss a few weeks. But our dwarven forge cavern pieces should be arriving soon. Four boxes of the stuff – apparently they weigh a ton. Any day now, Ho Ho Ho!

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