Game time

Haven’t blogged for a while.

Brett’s game is getting pretty surreal. He’s using the Paizo Monster Manual 4, and you know what that means.

We are navigating a universe of portals. Step into a world, use your keyring to locate another portal, get out through the next portal before you get killed. At present, we are on a world scheduled to crash into its own moon. The portal we are trying to get to is – naturally – on that moon. Happily, the aliens have built this massive tower which – we hope – we shall be able to leap from to the surface of the moon with the aid of a Feather Fall.

Unhappily, the aliens aren’t so pleased about us doing this. We don’t know why. Also, devils. And weird-ass Cthulhu stuff. Whales that float in the sky, assembled out of stuff and teeth.

Brus managed to make one back off. An Inquisitor’s class bonus to intimidate, a reasonable roll, and some assist. He threatened it in Abyssal, in the name of his god Yog Sothoth. Mechanically, I don’t thing that he actually made the number, but Rule of Awesome. I’m getting the impression that the Lurker at the Threshold has – noticed – Brus. Maybe casually tossing about the name of the Most Ancient and Prolonged of Life is actually a bad idea. This cannot end well.

The aliens were ant dudes. Formians, in fact. We raced them up the tower They are engaged in hauling a meteorite up the side – something to do with the devils. Clearly, they are trying to pitch it onto the moon when the moon gets close enough. Are they trying to seed it with devils too? Or are they trying to get rid of the damn thing?

I don’t care. There’s a gate on that moon, and we plan to get ourselves and the sage through it. Oh – did I mention? It’s an escort mission.

The DM clued us at a few points that there was loot to be had, but in-game priority #1 was to get to the top of this tower. So he fed us the loot in alternative ways. All good.

What else happened?

Faugh – Andrew’s brawler – did his brawler trick. If he scores a crit on a full attack, then every hit is a crit. He put well over 100 points into an ant dude, which is not bad going at level 7. Faugh needs an Amulet of Mighty Fists – Improved Crit. Cheaper than a keen cestus, because you don’t have to have the +1 on it.

Not to be outdone, my guy got grappled by an ant. He dropped his naginata and bit the thing. For about 33 points, which is good damage for a bite. Orc racial trait gives you a primary natural attack, so 1.5 Str and Power Attack bonus, that doubles on a crit, and some other stuff. (Dammit – I need to remember to use my new feat Conugon Smash). Then, he picked up his naginata again as a move action. Sweet. Oh, I also got to use “Blistering Invective”, which works on all enemies in 30′. It’s not targeted, so it even works on the invisible ones :). Language dependent, but ant dudes are telepathic.

There were Sound Bursts, Confusion, a little poison.

The big reveal of the night was William’s Bottom. Our bard’s ass did this incredible leap, racking up a acrobatics roll of 50+. Leadership feat, a good pick for a bard – the cohort gets class levels. Bottom transformed into a dude with donkey ears, and obviously monk levels make sense for a cohort who mainly uses natural attacks. Getting kicked by a donkey who is also a monk is a whole new world of unexpected hurt.

Morgan was not present. Dave was at the other end of the table – there was some note-passing going on, but I’m not sure what it meant.

Fun times.

3 Responses to Game time

  1. Will says:

    As for the notes – remember that javelin that was going to hit Brus in the head, but veered away strangely? That was deflected by Bottom while he was invisible…

    And let us not forget dropping the entire necklace of fireballs down the maw of that patchwork whale… !

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