Painting Dwarven Forge Cavern Pieces – 3

Ink wash done. Art Spectrum Sepia ink and some water, immediately dried with a hairdrier to keep it from soaking into the paint.

It’s – I’m not sure I like what it’s done.

The nice white calcite stuff is now all reddish and will need to be retouched. The wash wasn’t dark enough against the floor colour to define the floor tiles. And it wasn’t sticky enough to get into many of the cracks. So it’s stained bits I didn’t want stained, and missed bits I did want.

I’m inclined to redo the floors with straight black ink, or just go back to watered-down black paint. I’d definitely say that what I did did not accomplish what I hoped it would.

You know – with the work lights off and just the regular house lights, they look a lot better. The silky pearlescent sheen in the calcite comes through nicely. In fact, I almost have the opposite problem – I would like the wall colour to be more matte. I’ll dry-brush it, but that is tricky because I don’t want to dirty up the cave formations any more than they already are.

The lack of definition in the floor, however, is still a thing.


3 Responses to Painting Dwarven Forge Cavern Pieces – 3

  1. Will says:

    Pretty impressive! You could dry brush the floor with a lighter colour to bring out the detail.

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