Painting Dwarven Forge Cavern Pieces – 5

Well, I have done as much as I am going to do on the bits that don’t have specials. The bare walls are dry-brushed with basically the original colour (white, yellow oxide, raw umber) before the ink wash – maybe a shade lighter.

The cave formations are highlit with – again – the original colour (white, metallic pearl, yellow oxide, unbleached titanium) a shade lighter. Higlighting is like dry-brushing, but wetter.

Floors likewise. I don’t like the colour I brushed them with. Same as the original, but it’s kinda come out a bit orange. I’d prefer a less saturated (ie: more grey) colour.

Here’s a pic.

The unbleached titanium makes the calcite come out a shade pinkish. But only a shade. Maybe a bluish tint might have been cool, go the spooky.

Want to get this done tonight. Tomorrow is the Introduction to Arduino workshop at Make, Hack, Void, and Friday is game night.

I am beginning to suspect that attempting to paint while listening to Iron Maiden is actually a bad idea.


All done, except for some varnish on the water to make it nice and shiny.

Mushrooms are done in lava colours – fire red base, red lightened with orange for a highlight, orange and red to pick out a couple of individual spots.

Pools of water – I laid down a coat of white, then another one, then a coat of the iddescent pearl (which I think might have been a bit pointless), then two coats of hydra turquoise. I might have preferred a deeper blue, but this looks fine. Really, water in a cave isn’t blue – the turquiose is a visual idiom that says “this is water”.

The base coats might have been unnecessary – the turqiouse is pretty opaque if you shake the bottle adequately before use. I didn’t mix the pearl into the blue, because water isn’t metallic. It needs a layer of clear nail polish to make it look right.

Oh, and I picked out the texture on the wooden doorway with some raw umber and white. Not too much white. Antique gold on the piles of loot which may actually supposed to be mushrooms. But meh – maybe they are gold-top mushrooms. Or maybe they are mushrooms that look like loot to get the characters to stumble into them and get spored – bwahahaha!

The flash on the photo makes the iridescent cave formations look a bit brighter than they actually look in person.

Thank you linesmen, thank you ball-boys. A will have a beer, then it’s bed-time and work tomorrow. Maybe I can make d2rq talk to Joseki, maybe not.

One Response to Painting Dwarven Forge Cavern Pieces – 5

  1. Will says:

    These look really good Paul!

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