Out with the old, in with the new!

I am so fickle.

Still painting this Dwarven Forge terrain, but I have been inspired by the Make, Hack, Void Arduino workshop. I intend, finally, to deal with the vexing question of my bedroom window blinds.

I’ll program up the Arduino to open them once it gets light – or maybe just on a timer.

Now, in order to do this I need to hook a motor onto the twisty rod thingo. Obviously, there are several options, and all of them involve cobbling together some sort of actual real-world mechanical device.

So I just got on Gumtree and bought a dusty, rusty, but mercifully spider-free old metal toolbox half-full of mechano.

Remember that stuff? God, what a time-warp. None of your flimsy bits of plastic here, or moulded pieces good for making one and only one model – No sir! I’m talking gears, pulleys, shafts, plates, straps, and tiny goddamn annoying actual nuts and bolts. It’s like going back to the days when boys were boys and men were racist and measured their penises in inches, the way God intended. Back to the days when your could buy your kid a chemistry set with shit in it that definitely could kill him. (Leave him alone, Ethyl: he’s got to learn).

Most importantly of all, I have a worm and gear. The Ardunino comes with a tiny 5V servo motor, which is great, but it’s not likely to want to drive the twisty blind thingo. A gear train that reduces by, well, a lot is just the ticket. And this lump of mechanno, although plastic, has a robust feel to it.

Between painting the Dwarven Forge, fooling with Arduino and Mechanno, playing Eyes of the Ten for three days straight this long weekend and blogging, God – I don’t know how I find time for it all.

Shout out to all the married guys going furniture shopping this weekend.

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