I have purchased parts for the Device (Curse it! Why must I part with good money for this! Is it not the 19th century? When, oh when will they install turnstiles on the cemeteries?)

Nevertheless, it has been worth the expense. Now, the heart drives the limbs without difficulty, even with as little as one and one-half voltaic units of electrical Fluid. The final arm turns with enough force that I must give some thought to the possibility that the Device may injure the fitment it is destined to drive. My landlord has been a reasonable soul, and I do not wish to annoy him.

Next, I shall attempt to connect the brain to the body. A difficult matter, as the currents of the mind cannot directly excite the gross matter of the body. I have, again, been to some expense to purchase an H-Bridge. Its principles are simple enough, and although I desired to build such an assembly from more basic components (the better to understand them), the cemetery had been picked clean of the necessary.

If I can succeed in commanding the brain to move the limb forward and back, then I shall have made good progress.

The headaches continue unabated, but I grow accustomed to them. The spots in my vision are no more than a nuisance.

One Response to Machine

  1. Will says:

    The spots are the holes in the Meccano, Paul.

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