Progress. I have successfully moved the interface onto its own board, which shortens the lines needed to attach the interface to the motor.

I have also found sources of Coulombic fluid separate for the mind and the matter – 6v and 9v respectively. The 9v supply, I suspect, will not suffice to operate the device when it is attached to its load: if has force, but not capacity.

Best of all, I found a purveyor of parts for model flying machines, who had a part that would fit the 3mm shaft of my motor. Now I shall be able to attach it to its load without difficulty.

I enclose a moving photolithograph (the wonders of technology!) of the device thus far in operation.


I have rebuilt the gearing. The result is simpler and more compact, which is usually the way. Just now I tested the device against the load it is intended to move. The coulombic nine-volt source is not sufficent for the task. Using my bulkier source, it moved the load handsomely, and above all reasonably quietly.

I shall restore to the brain its previous intelligence. Then I shall investigate adding its eye. Finally, I shall need to think carefully with respect to the logic behind its mind, and perhaps organise a somehat more robust control device. At present, it is controlled by switches mounted into its skull. They are tiny and prone to come loose – something a shade more robust would serve better.

Exciting times, although I must give some few hours to another task needing to be done.

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