The Device is complete.

Oh, there are issues. Most particularly, I damaged a part with excessive heat, but the part that was damaged was part of my hand-held controller – for the particular function needed, I am content to use the probe mounted onto the brain itself.

There is no special reason to suppose the device will fail to perform its function. I fully expect that I shall be shielded from the annoying light from the streetlamp outside all night, and that at dawn my new domestic servant shall open the blinds for me.

(PS: Mad! Mad! They called me mad! I’ll show them who’s mad, the brutes, the ignorant philistines – what do they know of science etc etc. Grandfather Freemont might have dared the Bravarian torches and pitchforks – I am a little more circumspect.)

2 Responses to Machine

  1. Will says:

    Well done Paul. Lesser men might have smashed the streetlight with a rock.

    • Paul Murray says:

      I considered it, of course – many times. We are beginning to recognised that “light pollution” is a thing. Future generations will look back on our habit of lighting up suburban streets like it was daytime with astonishment. “Didn’t they know”, the kids will ask, “just how badly that screws people up?”

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