Had a look over at https://twitter.com/hashtag/FacesOfProstitution, via Maggie McNeill . A few posts there memorialising hookers who were murdered by Johns. https://twitter.com/SexindustryK

Reminded me of something.

I used to frequent Alice’s Bookshop in the Churches Center in Belconnen. Alice once told me a story about a person she was speaking to about shoplifting. “Gee, that’s awful!”, said the person, “That your customers steal your books!”

Alice replied to that person: “Customers don’t steal my books. Thieves steal my books.”

By definition.

Let’s remove the SexindustryK stories that are simply lies: attention-grabbing, M√ľnchausen-by-proxy lies.
Let’s remove the ones where someone moved on without notice, or died from an overdose, and the people simply made up stories.
Let’s remove the ones where a worker was killed not by a John, but by her drug dealer.
Let’s remove the ones where a worker was killed by her insane thug boyfriend.

After that, do any stories remain? Sure – lots of them. The world is a big place.

And so these women (mostly) were killed by johns?

No – they were killed by murderers. Murderers perhaps pretending to be johns, just as all of Alice’s shoplifters pretended to be customers, but not at all the same thing.

Murderers. How many of them murdered because they saw hookers as a blight on the community? How many of them murdered to make the world a safer, cleaner place (For the children!)? And how many of them murdered – here’s a thought – because God told ’em to do it? You and I both know: more than a few.

How many of them, in summary, murdered for reasons very, very similar to the ones that motivate the anti-sex-industry crowd?

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