Blogging James Mallard.

I think that I should blog James Mallard as a series of reports to the local CO, or possibly to whathisname the heroic adventurer dude in charge.

Found this on the web

  1. Reports are the most impersonal kind of writing and this is also reflected in the language used. It is usually best to avoid expressing personal opinions or feelings except, perhaps, in a conclusion.
  2. Reports, like other kinds of writing, must be divided into paragraphs/sections.
  3. Reports should have a clear, factual heading and may also have subheadings which clearly show what each section is about.
  4. Letters and numbers may be used to separate sections from each other.
  5. Each section deals with a different aspect of the topic.
  6. Generally, the text aims to give information, not to entertain.
  7. An introduction either may say what purpose of the report is or may give an outline of the content.
  8. A final section summarises what has been stated and makes recommendation, if necessary.
  9. The style is formal in the whole text.

Hmm. Well, we’ll see how we go. I might accidentally slip in a bit of “entertainment” from time to time.

PS: Another style guide. US military.


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