James Mallard – 1

‹› indicates free variables to be filled in later, or otherwise subject to revision :).

Oh, and if the actual military people who really do know what a military thingamabob looks like could kindly muffle their chortles, it would be appreciated.

Assignment of CDT James Mallard to ‹special adventurer dude›.

  1. Status of CDT Mallard prior to assignment

    1. ‹Frontier Command› assigned CDT Mallard to Chancer’s Hope fort on ‹insert date› (troop movement order 6546-34-234-J-234.5.2[K])
    2. Chancer’s Hope fort has no specific facilities or personnel for the training of cadet warmages.
    3. In addition to his quarters, I have assigned CDT Mallrat (what? damn you, auto-correct!) Mallard a shed near the stables for use as a workshop.
    4. CDT Mallard seems to have been pursuing his studies as best he is able. I and others have observed him regularly studying standard-issue manuals of magic, casting minor spells (flashing lights, small objects moving, faeries), and generally acting with due diligence in this regard.
    5. CDT Mallard has also requested assignment to patrols.
  2. Request for personnel by ‹special adventurer dude›

    1. Leonard Griffinsheart DSC, GMO, is a well-known ally of the empire, holding the rank of ‹I dunno – Major?› prior to discharge, and having distinguished himself at the Battle of Pikes Peak, on the eastern front, etc.
    2. On ‹date›, Mr Griffinsheart requested personnel for a series of small operations in Chancer’s Hope and the surrounding area. Mr Griffinsheart specifically requested arcane magic users.
    3. The personnel would be part of a typical civilian “adventuring party”, 4-8 individuals with a variety of skills.
    4. Mr Griffinsheart stated that the danger involved would likely be minimal.
  3. Reasons for assignment

    1. Operations conduced by Leonard Griffinsheart are probably in the best interests of The Empire.
    2. CDT Mallard has no specific duties at Chancer’s Hope fort.
    3. In lieu of any other provision for CDT Mallard’s training, active duty is appropriate.
    4. CDT Mallard’s studies are spooking the horses.
  4. CDT Mallard is therefore assigned to Mr Leonard Griffinsheart until further notice.

The real question, though, is why does the CO have to go to this amount of bullshit to justify doing this? Who is reading this report?

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