James Mallard: A bit of a dissapointment

Monday was character creation, and a bit of game. We stopped game at a point where it’s not reasonable of James to have broken up his report, so meh – let’s pretend that this is just the first couple of paragraphs of a longer document. Suspend your disbelief!

Oh, and I grabbed some notes to take home with me, so I can fill in some of the things I had to leave blank last blog. 8 players. The 13th age docs state that 7 is the absolute maximum 🙂 .

Griffinheart assignment – initial impressions

  1. On ‹date› I travelled through Chancer’s Hope to report to the Griffinheart estate. In Chancer’s Hope I joined a group of 5 persons who were responding to the posters calling for adventurers.
  2. Our group secured a cart to travel the estate. Although it is only 20 minutes march, our number included halflings and dwarves. (See attachment A, petty cash.)
  3. Our group was briefly heckled by persons in the crowd. I believe the words were “There go the great heroes!”, which was meant sarcastically and was met with general merriment. With posters all over town and elsewhere, the purpose our group is hardly a secret. Heckling, however, did come as a bit of a surprise.
  4. We were joined by two more people, Misthanar on the way and C.F. Lashley at the estate.
  5. The list of persons our group comprises, and my personal impressions of them, are:
    1. Mistthanar (Mist), an elf of indeterminate age. Some sort of mystic, perhaps martial. A fighting monk.
      Jez. Elven monk.
    2. Tarry, a halfling. A nondescript commoner probably simply in need of work.
      John. Halfling rogue.
    3. Elsbeth (Beth), probably a half-elf. An arcane spellcaster.
      Alice. Human sorcerer.
    4. Basic Toasten (Cheers), a dwarf. Seems to be a magic user of some description.
      Kieren. “Basic Toasten”==”Cheers!”. Geddit? Cheers is The Occultist – there can be only one, in 13th age. Or can there?
    5. Mal Shieldglider – a dwarven warrior. Claims to be a son of one of the kingsguard, which is possible.
      AJ. Straightforward dwarf fighter. Yes, we have a tank, thank God.
    6. Cannis Frederick Lashley (Lash). A travelling performer, an acrobat.
      Drewf. Assimaar bard. James is just assuming he’s human.
    7. Olivia. A priestess of temperance.
      Maddy. Human cleric.
    8. James Mallard (myself).
      Paul. Human hybrid commander/wizard.
    The non-humans get their races mentioned, you’ll notice. I have also discovered that James tends to talk down to people. Especially halflings. House servants, you know. I suspect he’s a bit of a snob, but a good-hearted one. In keeping with the “we are good guys” theme of the campaign, if James is a snob, then its a “Noblesse Oblige” situation – it’s our duty to take care of the smallfolk, don’t you know, and not to make a big fuss about doing it.
  6. On arriving at the Griffinheart estate, we discovered it to be – in a word – dilapidated.
  7. According to CF Lashley, who we met at the estate, Leonard Griffinheart – decorated hero of the empire – is in fact a well-known sot. This came as unwelcome news to those of us who were previously unaware of this important fact.
    Oww! Burn!
  8. Present was some sort of servant or cook, one “Pirate Pete”, an old and not terribly clean man whose pirating days are most certainly well behind him. Pete informed us that Mr Griffinheart was probably still in town. Drinking. Rather than wait for him, we chose to head back to Chancer’s Hope and commence serching the pubs. We met Mr Griffinheart on the path back to town. He was drunk, as we had anticipated, but Olivia managed to revive him somewhat and we were able to begin getting down to business

And so Leonard Griffinheart, decorated hero of the empire, has been demoted to “Mr”. Will he be able to redeem himself? I don’t know. I was going to say “I hope so!”, but you know – I’m cool either way. Perhaps we will find out next game! Or much later!

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