Voices in the dark

There is little to tell about the actual heist. The main exhibit hall was trapped and fitted with alarms, of course. Antimagic effects that lasted for about three rounds, and then the guards arrived. Walls dropped into place, but the party had had the foresight to bring their escape route right up close to the exhibits. Dimfuzz and Picklick went on a lock-picking and trap finding spree, except for the one trap that William managed to trip.

It’s a bit of a shame that on the night Picklick’s real-world alter ego was not present owing to a bit of an emergency, as this scenario was kinda meant for his character to be the main actor. Lots of traps, lots of interesting effects. The antimagic meant that people who don’t rely so much on magic got a chance to step forward.

Sorry, man – we played it out without you there.

During the brief interval of antimagic, John’s companion was revealed – a tiny dragon, no doubt some sort of servitor of Azathoth.

John is in thrall to a usually-invisible fairy dragon, whose hallucinogenic breath weapon … explains a great deal.

There were guards, there were Stinking Clouds (Brus was out of action for a whole 18 seconds, which is a long time in D&D), they lifted the anchor, the tiebreaker, and a thing or two else besides. Dimfuzz turned out to be as treacherous as you would expect a gnome thief to be, but in the end all was forgiven – although not forgotten.

The group killed most of the guards before escaping though the door, leaving a lone museum employee to explain the mess to his superiors.

And the whispers in Brus’ mind began to resolve themselves into words.

F̜̤̰͚̼t̶͍̰̟̠̫͈̱;͖̜̫̪̬nͅ’́ ͚̭͎̬n̪̯̳̮͙͍y̙͡a̖͉̲̣̫r͈̩ĺ̺̳͈ ̼̦͟h͈̳e͖p͏̖̘͎͚̦-̢̳̜̯̠̖͓i̛̺͖ͅm̘h̪o͘t͓̞̙̫̣͓̣h̬̯̘̻̻͟e̥̼̩̳̳p̶,̳̫̮̩͟ n̟̪͈͈̯̮̲g̶̭͔̭ͅl͙͕̺̤̀u͇̘̼̖i͓̭̖ ͞R̰̘̭a̪̹͖̖̼͇y͟l̛̘͔n̠̲̙̬̼͍ģ͍̣̻̗͔͎̼ ̞̘͈̰̠̪͇p̴̮̝̲̻̬͎t̺̭͈̟’̢͍̞̤t̲̬̟h͇̟̥̲a̘͖͢r̶̹̖͓̳͚̘̥ḻ̶͕̣͉̗̦̲t̖̝͡op̟̪̞̺h̶̯̗t̞̝̻͎̙g̰̮̬̲̘̟̳eṇ̠͍̭!̝͇̞͢

Oh, he could call. And the powers beyond the veil of illusionary safety would answer. There was always a price, of course, but Brus had faith.

Ping! I took “Dark Tapestry” as a language. It’s not on the list, but I image Brett will OK it. And “Divine Intervention” as a feat – immediate action to sacrifice a spell and make an opponent re-roll an attack. Brus doesn’t use a lot of spells – he’s usually too busy hitting things – so I look for anything that’s doable as a swift or immediate action. One-round-per-level buffs are just not his bag.

I’ll be using it mainly on enemy crit confirmation rolls (which are attack rolls), or if anyone gets through the line and goes for our squishies.

For 4th level spells, Freedom of Movement would be thematic and useful, but meh – I’d rather try out some new spells I have never used before. So I grabbed “Judgement Light”, which has a variety of handy effects including a burst Farie Fire which, I’ll tell you now, is totally worth a 4th-level slot. I have selected restoration as my other one but … meh – not really Brus’ thing. I think I’ll change it before game.

Curse of Magic Negation
Will save. Too risky.
fun, but not worth it for a spontaneous caster. More John’s thing.
Leashed shackles
Reflex save.
Litany of Sight
WTF? Fourth level? When I pack See Invis anyway?
Find Quarry
Hmm. A possibility, seeing as we often need to chase specific people. It has no game effect, because lets face it in the metagame we are certainly going to find who we are chasing.
Divine Power
One round per level. Feh.
Hold Monster
Will save, but very handy for big & dumb. We need something that will bring down a dragon, but they have a good will so this spell will probs fail.
Unfortunately, it is usually we who are the outsiders.
Greater Invis
Very handy, but I have used it before, and I only get 1 4th level spell a day.
Shadow Barbs
Not as good as it seems if you can’t apply Inquisitor Bane (etc) to spell effects.
probably his best pick, mechanically. But again: I want something new and different.

I’ll think about it. I’ll probably sacrifice the best cheese and go with Find Quarry, which is thematic.

2 Responses to Voices in the dark

  1. brettwitty says:

    Find Quarry, while not an obvious choice, might end up being an excellent one. In any case, I like to reward non-obvious, non-cheesey, or narrative approaches. While inevitability is a theme of this campaign, the obvious path isn’t the safest one, so Find Quarry might be useful in that regard.

    Judgment Light looks very neat. A bag of tricks where each one is very useful.

  2. Paul Murray says:

    The inquisitor spell list is pretty slim pickings, at least for Brus. The main thing at the moment is that he gets 1 4th-level spell a day, because I have pumped strength rather than wisdom. I’ve picked Find Quarry in Hero Lab. It’s good, but not great – it’s instantaneous, you can’t track someone down and triangulate the way you can with Locate Person or whatever it’s called. But it will certainly fast-forward certain types of scenario.

    Brus also gets another 2nd level spell. Just casually reading the spell descriptions, I discovered that that Remove Paralysis will get rid of the staggered condition, which would have come in handy a few sessions ago. So that’s my other pick.

    Next level I get a chance to swap something out (ie, not having to resort to retraining – it’s just part of the spellcasting class ability). I have never used “Effortless Armour”. *If* that spell allowed you to treat heavy as light armour for purpose of the Stalwart class ability, it wolul be worth it. But as it is, Stalwart is so good that I will be downgrading to medium armour for the benefit.

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