A run-in with the law

There was a lot going on in game last night. End of the previous session a few people rolled for the Prince of Shadows, so there was stuff going down.

Main thing was that our GM was throwing out adventure hooks left and right, and people were dropping the ball. Most of us had gone into town because people didn’t want to sleep over at the Griffinshart estate. Leonard had kinda-sorta stolen what turned out to be the Mayor’s horse, and got arrested.

At the pub, there were some shifty guys in the corner: “Naww, screw it – lets eat”
The proprietor, Wilvur, left with a disgraced mage Edmund The Marked, who had previously been Edmund the Wise of the Circle of Four. “Not our problem, man”.
Ok, Sir Leonard is arrested! “Meh – we’ll deal with it in the morning.”
Some activity outside the pub: “whatever, peeps, time for some shut-eye”.

Eventually, we sent Tarry to scope out the watchhouse, and he got in a fight – fortuitously right outside the window. Even then, James Mallard had to kick Shieldglider awake and tell him “you are missing a fight, dude”.

Come on, guys – we can’t make Andy do all the work!

The main reason for this IMO was that being 4th ed players, we are not accustomed to keeping our powder dry for more than a session and blew a lot of dailies on the early encounters. In 4th ed, there’s usually a long rest between each session. 13th age suggests four encounters between long rests, and we are getting used to the tempo of this new system. Everyone wanted their dailies back, and wanted a nice long sleep at the inn. Maybe “renting a cart” counts as an encounter for the purpose of. I dunno – it’s tricky when you get a system from the book and no-one has played it with an experienced group before.

I’m also not confident the money system is going to work out properly. One night at the inn was 10 sp = one gold. We started with 25 gold (over and above standard starting gear), some of us with less.

But, it’s early days. On the happy side, this fight was big enough to last for three rounds, and I got to use my big gun when the escalation dice hit 2. It was effective, and that made me happy. 🙂

Action in Chancer’s Hope, 10pm-2am.

  1. Sunnymoon Tavern, 8PM-2AM
    1. We arrived at Chancer’s hope well after nightfall.
    2. We determined that we had rented our cart from one Wilvur, innkeep of Sunnymoon tavern. We decided to kill two birds with one stone, so to speak, and stay overnight there. C.F. Lashley had a connection, having been working there as a performer, and was able to conduct us there without incident.
    3. At the tavern, we learned that Wilvur had been seen to depart earlier that evening with Edmund the Marked, previously of the Circle of Four.
    4. We currently have no more information on Edmund, or what his business in town may be.
    5. At around midnight, Misthanar arrived at the tavern with news that Sir Leonard had been arrested by Mayor Westcott.
      Mayor Westcott is obese and possibly a little corrupt. I am convinced that nameless street urchins are prone to taunt him with such clever gags as “Oi! Wetcock! Get a shake on!” and then run away. Can I just point out that I had not been drinking on game night – I just tend to hear funnier versions of the things people say.
    6. We wished to confirm that, at the very least, Sir Leonard was safe and unharmed in the town lock-up. Tarry went to investigate.
    7. Tarry was attacked immediately outside. Our group mobilised and joined combat.
  2. Street fight, Changer’s Hope, 2AM (approx).
    1. Immediately outside the door were some upturned barrels out of which very large rates were emerging, about three groups of, and two common street thugs
    2. Misthanar had already advanced some 15m down the street and was engaging two more thugs and two more rats alone.
    3. Tarry was not visible on the street.
    4. Olivia and Shieldglider engaged the nearer group, with C.F. Lashley providing support.
    5. I advanced further to assist Mistthanar.
    6. On advancing further, I was able to see that Tarry was engaged with what appeared to be a wererat. This explained how it came to be that criminals were fighting alongside rats.
    7. In my estimation at the time:

      1. These persons were a gang led by a wererat.
      2. Combat was with deadly force.
      3. Misthanar, who is part of the unit I have been assigned to, was outnumbered by hostiles.
    8. Therefore, I deployed standard offensive spell Color Spray with full force.
    9. This action killed both rats and one of the civilians immediately. The other civilian is probably permanently blinded.
      Well, young James is just going to have to get used to the carnage, but for me: W00T! I critted one of the bad guys for 24 and also took out the others. Mind you, Jez had already been doing sterling work. But it’s good to see my character be effective. Andy’s description of the effect of the spell was most graphic.
    10. Tarry disengaged from the wererat with (I belive) magical assistance from CF Lashley. Meanwhile, Shieldglider and Olivia had disposed of the other combatants sans one prisoner. The wererat withdrew.
    11. Olivia and Sheildglider commenced to interrogate the prisoner.
    12. Mistthanar caught sight of the wererat and pursued. Seeing that Mistthanar was unsupported, I followed. We caught up with and killed the wererat.
      Apparently we captured rather than killed the wererat. Cool.
    13. Mistthanar sustained a bite from the wererat, which is a cause for considerable concern.
    14. Tarry reports that Sir Leonard is alive and well (all things considered). He further reported that Sir Leonard does not wish to be forcibly broken out of the town lockup, which was thorough of him to ask.
  3. Summary and evaluation
    1. There is no unit cohesion in this group whatsoever. I hope that we develop some before people get killed.
    2. Tarry showed commendable focus in continuing his reconnaissance mission after an open fight had broken out on the street, but a deplorable lack of sense. Generally speaking, once stealth has been lost a stealthy reconnaissance action should be abandoned. It is impressive that he nevertheless managed to achieve the goal, but it remains the case that he is lucky to be alive after not rejoining the body of the unit after he was detected and being engaged individually by the wererat.
    3. Mistthanar is likely to be killed, or to get someone else killed, if he continues to hare off on his own. If this wererat bite turns bad, he may already have done so. In mitigation,
      1. the reason that he was separated from the group and facing four combatants on his own was that he was attempting to assist Tarry, who was off on his own.
      2. the reason that he pursued the wererat was that wererats must be killed, and he believed that he was the only one fast enough to catch it.

      However, pursuing a wererat is pointless if you are probably not going to be able to kill it because you are already badly wounded and on your own. He might have been able to deal with it had I not been there. But he might equally likely have not been able to.

      If James had not been there to drop a little healing into Mistthanar, Jez might be rolling up a new character about now. Although in this system you are supposed to “fail forward”, so we’d be on the spot to make something up. 🙂
    4. Appropriate tactics would have been for Tarry and Mistthanar to fall back to Olivia and Shieldglider. In narrow streets, Misthanar, Shieldglider and Olivia could certainly have held a line, although a flanking attack via an alleyway or rooftop would have been a probable response.
    5. It would normally be Sir Leonard’s responsibility to explain correct tactics to our group. However, he is currently in the town lockup. I myself might be able to temporarily browbeat Tarry, but certainly not Mistthanar who I gather is several centuries old.
  4. Action
    1. We need to resolve Sir Leonard’s current legal difficulties, whatever they may be, as soon as possible. Perhaps our disposing of a wererat stalking the town may give us some leverage.
    2. We need to deal with Mistthanar’s wererat bite. It would be a pity to have to put him down.
    3. We should possibly investigate the matter of innkeep Wilvur and Edmund the Marked.

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