Woah boy! I said Woah!

Fun game, even though we had a few people missing. Our cleric is taking time off because IRL she’s like 8 months preggo, which personally – look: priorities, man. That’s all I’m saying.

Other couple OS, leaving us with 5 at the table. Lot of RP, then a fight. Plot hooks OMG!

Misthanar and James managed to intimidate/persuade the wererat into mentioning a few things. He and his mates were off a ship named the Salty Maiden (note to the young ‘uns – always get her to rinse the lettuce first. Been there, done that.) captained by one Salty Jim. The wererat tells us that Salty Jim will be seeking payback. Payback!

The party dropped off the surviving gang members at the town lockup, at which there were no guards but CF Lashley and Tarry, who had finished looting the evidence locker (lockpicks, loot, and a couple of signal flares) and let us in all innocent-like.

We dropped off the bad guys and went looking for the guard Ernie Weedland? Weedbeard? Woodbend?

My handwriting is shocking.

Turns out most of the town guard were beating the bushes for goblins, as it’s pretty uncommon of them to be operating as close to town as that bridge where they ambushed us.

After not enough sleep, we went to see Michael the Bishop up at the local shrine to the gods, who had asked to see us. But before we did we went shopping. We got cheated at the Halfling shop, then we went to the dwarf shop and got cheated there. James did manage to get some glass beads with which to pay off the alarm sprites that he summons, carefully noting when the halfling tried to pass off a cracked one.

The 13th age book has this idea that a lot of magic is accomplished by summoning little magical servitors (very Hogwarts, in a way). I think this is a cute idea, so for the alarm cantrip I summoned a sprite and promised it “something nice” if it would scream to wake us up if someone touched our stuff. When the innkeep came to boot us out for the day – scream! The only nice thing I had was a high denomination silver piece. Not making that mistake again. Magic, eh? Live and learn.

Well, the Bishop was interested in our story, and there was someone very, very unusual at the shrine: a tiefling paladin praying to the Great Gold Wyrm. CF Lashley gave him an apple.

Someone’s icon quest hook, obviously.

Anyway. I think The Bishop mentioned that the Mayor’s horse had wandered off into the woods, so we decided that recovering that horse was our good deed for the day. I’m not sure how much James knows about the horse theft. It also came to light that the Mayor’s daughter had something of a crush on Sir Leonard, which may help explain the rather unusual 8PM arrest for unpaid taxes on his estate.

We followed the tracks into the woods, and encountered one Aeg Ilsa – of the Circle of Four. A mage dripping with magic. We told him that Edmund the Wise had been seen in town at the Sunnymoon Tavern. Now, we knew that Edmund had been ejected from the Circle of Four, so James surmised that there’s be a wizard battle in town soon. One of us gave an apple to the mage (we had gotten apples for the horse). He have us a swag of money for no reason

Because of my bitching about money last week. It’s weird when these posts have consequences: sitting here at my desk feels like writing a private diary, but of course it isn’t.

for no reason and when he left, one of us saw him toss the apple away. It was rotten, decayed. This Aeg is clearly a necromancer. Could it be that Edmund is a good guy, and the circle bad guys? We don’t know. It may be above our pay grade, and in any case we were looking for a horse.

We finally found the horse, at bay amongst a group of 10 or so goblins and a goblin shaman. They were at the edge of the woods near the shore. Off in the near disance were some ships.

Action at goblin encampment, about midday

  1. Five members of our group had entered the woods around Chancer’s Hope tracking a certain horse that we belived belonged to the Mayor.
    1. Our group comprised Misthanar, C.F. Lashley, Tarry, Mal Shieldglider, and myself.
    2. Basic Toasten and Elsbeth have absented themselves for possibly a day or two.
    3. Olivia has been called away and may be absent for a more protracted period of time.
  2. We encountered a gentleman – a mage of considerable power – identifying himself as Aeg Ilsa of the Council of Four. He asked after Edmund the Marked, ex Council of Four, who we had heard of as being in town. He proceeded onwards towards the town.
  3. Notes on the melee
    1. We encountered the horse – clearly a warhorse – at bay and fighting a group of about a dozen goblns, one of them a shaman or other magic user.
    2. Shieldglider proceeded directly into the mass of the goblins, who mostly focussed their efforts on him. As he is heavily armoured and a skilful melee defender, he weathered the attack well.
    3. Misthanar dealt with at least one goblin which attacked him, then moved to engage the archers at the flank
    4. Tarry concealed himself, and moved around to attack the shaman from the rear.
    5. C.F. Lashley provided support by way of bardic magic, and I belive also with the bow.
    6. I moved forward to place myself within range of the combatants for magical and other support, and to direct our group as needed. I was engaged by one goblin, but it was poorly armed and not a threat.
      James uses commander “commands” in combat, the useful ones being “Try Again!” to give a reroll and “Rally Now!” to give a healing surge. It’s a little tricky to convey that in the blog text, so “directing the group” will have to do as a stand-in.
    7. Aside from the general melee, Tarry, after attacking the shaman, somehow made a splendid leap onto the horse and rode it out to the edge of the clearing, getting it out of immediate danger. I think he then gave it an apple.
      13th age storytelling cheese. A rogue talent that reads “once per battle, you can do something awesome, provided it’s roguey and cool”. Tarry acrobatically leapt/dodged three or four goblins and got on the horse. It was roguey and cool, so it qualifies 🙂 .
    8. I attempted to counterspell the shaman and failed to do so. However the Colour Spray again was effective, clearing away some of the common goblins between Shieldglider and the shaman.
    9. And James isn’t one to toot his own horn, but I moved him right in to flank the shaman with shieldglider. Oh, and having rolled 4 in the first round, I was flush with command points. I used the ‘battle captain’ talent to have James heal both Misthanar and Mal in the third round. I think in the second round I used ‘Try Again’ when someone rolled a 5. Nice.
  4. Evaluation and comments
    1. My concerns about group cohesion seem to have been largely addressed, at least with this smaller group. Our deployment was correct and effective.
    2. Tarry commendably kept the mission in mind in moving the horse out of danger. By that stage Misthanar and Shieldglider had already done for at least half the goblins, and it was clear that the advantage was ours.
  5. We noted that this goblin encampment was within clear view of some ships anchored nearby offshore. This struck us as noteworthy, as goblins would normally conceal themselves from concentrations of humans like this. It is suggestive that we have goblins conducting ambushes near town, combative wererat sailors in town, and then we see these goblins and these ships within view of one another.
    Retcon! Let’s just retcon that last blog’s report contained a summary of information we got from interrogating the wererat.
  6. I am greatly concerned at the news that Aeg Ilsa is looking for Edmund the Marked in Chancer’s Hope. I have no idea what their mutual business may be. At worst, we may be facing a battle in the streets between a pair of very powerful magic-users.
  7. Action
    1. Get the names of these ships moored within view of this goblin camp. Confirm whether or not any of them are the Salty Maiden. This will prove awkward, as we have probably been spotted already by their lookouts.
    2. Return this horse. It is wartrained, but it permitted itself to be ridden by Tarry once and may do so again.
    3. (outstanding business) Address Sir Leonard’s current legal problems. It may be that if this horse is the Mayor’s, given that we saw it earlier at the Griffinshart estate, perhaps it is the nub of the disagreement and we may be able to smooth things over.
    4. At the very least, warn the Mayor with respect to Edmund and Aeg both being in Chancer’s hope. With luck, their business will be accomplished quietly. Alternatively, perhaps we ourselves should investigate – although it is almost certainly none of our business.
    5. I am currently undecided as to what action we should take with respect to Aeg Ilsa and Edmund the Marked, if any. Perhaps Michael the Bishop may be able to advise us where our duty lies.
    6. We should report to our current command, Sir Leonard, for orders with respect to Aeg Ilsa and Edmund the Marked.
      Council of four is mage business. As far as I know, there’s only one mage in town that James knows for certain is a good guy loyal to the emperor, and that’s James.

      Also: I have left those scratched-out paragraphs there because one of the whole reasons of writing a report is that the exercise of doing it helps you work through the situation. So, I out of game am like “wtf do we do?” and me/James = James/me. James is thinking about what to do next, hence the scratched-out bits. It’s cool. I’ll leave it.


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