Brus Reckoner – Flattenning


As the angel’s morningstar bore down on Brus, time stretched out to infinity.
“Yog-Sothoth? Is it time?”
“Yog-Sothoth is with all time. All space. All knowledge. Yet if they say ask a stupid question…”
The angel had paused, golden fury made statuesque. Brus asked, “What do you request of me?”
“I have given you The Dividing Line. A naginita… Nogginata… A weapon.”
“It’s pretty good so far! Did you see when I…”
“SILENCE. Yog-Sothoth is the gate. The space between the stars. You and The Dividing Line need to guide souls there. Slay those who do not go willingly into the darkness.”
“Sounds good!”
“I shall attempt to keep you on the threshold until the gates of all have coterminated. Then, and only then, may you join the space between.”
Just then Brus saw eldritch writing blaze on the haft of his naginata. In a language unspoken by sane men, unwritten by wise men, it read: “SHUB-LIMINEL” – The Dividing Line, The Space Between The Stars.

Shub-Liminel, “The Dividing Line”, it is and always has been. 🙂 It has some groovy secret powers, and comes with an Ego to match.

Simple game last week – just a straight-up fight with a couple of juiced-up iron golems. We met Limen engaged in a simple, harmless pastime: flattening an entire world, making it nice and round. Will spoke to him a bit, then Brus stepped out and challenged him (necessary, because while the talky-talk was going on, his golems were coming closer to destroying the door that was our way out).

It was a hell of a fight. Brus would be dead outright if Brett had not permitted me to add the roll of an action point to my HP – and that’s with all the buffs, everything. I finally got a chance to use an inquisitor tactic that I have been (I think obviously) wanting to try for some time: Judgment of Smiting makes your attacks adamantine, and Share Judgement feat lets you give your judgement to another in place of using your second judgment for another effect. These things had DR 15/adamantine, so both Faugh and Brus having adamantine attacks kinda mattered.

Moments. Faugh nearly got flattened. There was a Wall of Stone that Will dealt with with a Stone Shape. His fairy dragon companion (“Puff”, of course) now has Dimension Door – allowing Will to TP and drop a channel. Golems, of course, don’t get the heal so is all good. Will decided to go flying, became the only visible target once the Wall of Stone went up, had large chunks of masonry thrown at him.

When the golems were defeated, their insides were full of keys. It kinda signals that the campaign is coming to an end. One of the main hooks for adventures is finding the right key for a door that we need to use – we now have heaps of them. I think our DM intended this simple combat session with two heavy hitters and not much else as a bit of a break for himself from running complex plot-driven adventures because the campaign will finish soon and he needs to prepare.

I’ll miss Brus. I built an inquisitor to try out a class that I haven’t tried before, and he rocks pretty hard, although a lot of that is down to some very expensive jewelry and a little rules lawyering. The Cthulhu-esque theme, which was almost accidental (just John’s alter-ego and myself selecting some cheese for our characters), also has worked well – thanks to our DM picking it up and running with it.

It’s not over yet. We still have ourselves an upstart demigod to slay. It should be good. Sorry if this blog post is a little melancholy. There are separate reasons for that.

Oh, Real World! Why must you intrude so?


One Response to Brus Reckoner – Flattenning

  1. Will says:

    Nice write-up. You mean John with the Stoneshape and life-preserving. Will, however, was the lucky recipient of masonry.

    I think there might be something in your theory that Limen originated from this planet – we found that author’s mark, AT, on the wall with the ancient designs for golems. He called it his ‘project’, and those golems had been at work for a long, long time.

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