Just a simple soldier

I have missed so many weeks blogging, I am not even going to attempt to do a catch-up post.

Ok – briefly:

  • we stumbled into the woods looking for Edmund the Marked.
  • Found orcs and trolls. Wound up in a three-way fight. Beat eveyone up.
  • Elves came out, looking for Tarry. Some centaur important druid person want him.
  • Got taken to some other part of the world. A woodhenge.
  • Centaur is dead. Everyone is dead. Smells like orcs.
  • Tracks led thataway. We followed.
  • Came to a ship in the river. Hold full of dead orcs.
  • While investigating, we were attacked by an adventuring team of some sort.
  • The sorcerer got away. One left alive – the boss. We questioned him.

We questioned our prisoner, who appeared to be the leader of the gang. I Charmed him, but he told me little but that they had been hired by a man in a white hat. Some of us suspected Captain Colonel, but I doubt that he could or would have anything do do with either murdering an envoy of the high druid or sending men to hunt us down several days south into the woods.

We did not learn anything from him about the orcs in the hold of the ship, or the ship itself. He offered to tell us more for an extravagant sum of gold, but we decided that he was almost certainly lying, and tossed him bound into the hold of the ship.

We elected to pursue the remaining member of the gang. Misthanar returned to the ship to speak to him again, buy he had already slipped his bonds and escaped.

Andy’s way of telling Jez “Dude, that whole scene of the play is over. Move on.”. It’s like herding cats, honestly, without an actual cat-herder.

The sorcerer’s tracks led to a cave opening. Shieldglider and Toasten, naturally, took the lead and led us underground.

… meanwhile …

Our NPC “Derrick the Cleric” is now being played by the new guy. Andrew got him up to speed with how to play, a process much, much easier in 13th Age than in Pathfinder. Derrick had lost our horses, was wandering about. He found a cave.

Derrick’s backstory is that he has been bumbling around on the fringes of the group, holding the horses, being a bit of a pest. He tried being a cleric, then he tried being a rogue. Andrew had the new guy play him – he kept away from the mooks, fired his bow. So the ruling is “ok, Derrek seems to be using his bow, so we’ll make him a ranger”, which is just a great way to make that kind of decision with a new player that hasn’t got definite ideas on what he wants to play. And we don’t have a ranged combatant, really, so is all good. Other thing is that Derrek rolled a couple of 1s and shot Misthanar, to cries around the table of “Fucking Derrek! God, he’s useless!” It was a fun moment. Role-playing games are not about winning, they are about having a good time.

Goblin attack, underground cave, Wild Woods 4 days SSE of Chancer’s hope

  1. Terrain, etc
    1. Our group entered a cave on the trail of a mage (probably sorcerer) who was part of the group that attacked us at the orc ship.
    2. Below was a large chamber with a throne of some sort built into the stone.
    3. The chamber had two exits – a door and a passageway.
    4. The passageway was intersected by a narrow (10′-15′) chasm of unknown depth.
    5. Unknown to us at the time, Derrek had also found this same cave by another entrance.
      What are the odds, eh?
    6. A number (approx 12-20) of goblins emerged fro the chasm and attacked.
    7. One of their number appeared to be a shaman or other spellcaster, who remained behind the line and the chasm.
  2. Course of battle

    1. Shieldglider advanced to block the passageway.
    2. Misthanar advanced further into the cave and beyond line of sight, to assist Derrek whom he had heard.
    3. I ordered Tarry to spike the door so that we would not be flanked. Tarry dissappeared into shadow.
    4. Tarry did not spike the door, but advanced to attack the spellcaster.
    5. I moved forward to Shieldglider’s position to fully block the passage.
    6. With a line at the front and spellcasters to the rear, we killed about 5 to 10 goblins within a few seconds.
    7. The spellcaster then summoned a rust monster from the chasm.
    8. Our casters concentrated fire on the rust monster.
    9. Shieldglider concentrated on the goblins.
    10. Misthanar at this time was surrounded by goblins and fell to them and to friendly fire from Derrek.
    11. As the numbers of the goblins had been thinned, Lashley moved forward through them and was able to revive Misthanar.
    12. I moved forward to get a better view of the situation.
    13. I judged that our casters (Elsbeth, particularly) had the rust monster in hand, and so I deployed a Color Spray against the goblins surrounding Misthanar and Derrek.
    14. The rust monster was killed, and we moved forward to mop up the remaining goblins. Shieldglider’s armour is beyond repair.
    15. The caster, whom we had not dealt with, commenced to summon more Rust monsters.
    16. At which point, Edmund of the Council of Four intervened and magically dealt with the remaining foe.
  3. Notes, evaluation
    1. Tarry’s action was reasonable. I am not in command of this group, and dealing with the caster was a reasonable thing to do. It transpired that that door was blocked on the other side, and so spiking it would have accomplished nothing.
      That’s in-character, of course. In character, James is the only one who’s an actual soldier and officer, apart from maybe Sheildglider, so the tries to throw orders around. Sometimes, people listen (especially when the order is “Try Again!” 🙂 ). He might occasionally pout a little, but this is the situation he’s been thrown into and he’ll do the best he can. Its a heroic campaign, so he is not butthurt and negative about not being the boss.
    2. I have mentioned before that Misthanar will get himself killed if he continues to separate himself from the group. That nearly happened this time.
      A glass cannon cannot run around the corner where no-one can see him into a mob of bad guys, even if the are mooks. Mind you – the reason for it was that Derrek was right in the middle of it all.
    3. We needed to have dealt with the goblin spellcaster more promptly. None of us but Lashley and Elsbeth are able to engage a foe at range. Derrek will be a valuable asset if he can be trained to shoot straight.
      As I mentioned – he rolled a couple of 1s. It happens.

Edmund led us to a clearing with a “house” at which lived a blind gypsy woman. She read the cards for us – it is always unwise to completely trust or completely discount such things. The trick is knowing what to trust and what to discount, but if you had such a trick then – why – you yourself would have to be able to see the future.

Edmund sent me into the house to fetch his cloak. Quite a lovely thing – very fine, an amazing blue. It wrapped itself around my arm and across my shoulders when I picked it up. Edmund seemed to find this amusing. “So!”, he said, “The Archmage will be most displeased!”

I have no idea why. It seems that there is no escape from Horizon politics, although what I am embroiled in, I cannot say. The cloak is clearly magical, but what its magics might be, I can only guess. One does not prefer to be a target of the Archmage’s displeasure, obviously, but it’s many leagues between here and Horizon.

Unknown to James, he has a two-die “conflicted” relationship with The Archmage.

In 13th Age, magic items are meant to be special and unique, and Andy has been handing out a signature item to each character. At present, they have no special powers. So far as we know.

I’m pleased with mine, I think it’s awesome, and I made this eye-bleeding background to celebrate. W00T!

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