Starry Night

Sometimes events move slowly.

Sometimes events move quickly.

Sometimes there are foreshocks: a comet, an unexplained eclipse, a new star in the sky.

Sometimes there are not.

This time seemed to be one of the latter and the former, respectively. Fast-moving events, but with a little warning. A nova in the Flame of the Archmage, a new star. A tiny one, visible only with the massive magical brass telescopes of the Santa Cora observatory. Nevertheless, a new star

An uncommon phenomenon, although not exactly rare. As above, so below. Events move, and the stars move with them. The overworld speaks, for those who have an ear to hear. Or an eye to watch. Perhaps this new star would flicker out, perhaps it would endure. Never insignificant, and the placement of this one especially not. Flame of the Archmage, right on the third nodal meridian.

Friar Benson made his usual meticulous notes. Time, place, telescope settings. Murmuring the astronomer’s watchword, or perhaps lament: “if you didn’t write it down, it didn’t happen”.

She was there.

“What news, good friar?”
“A small nova, lady, white. Brightening from 5 to 4 over the last three days. In the Flame.”
“Another one”, she said. “A new star, but not one of mine. Last Petal of the Grandmaster grows bright, Fifth Forge of The Mountain actually changes colour, Web of Shadows loses a star and The Forest gains one, God of Song begins to realign, sand stirs in The Hourglass. Even the nodes stir and speak. They are all in motion.”
“But where to, lady?”
The Priestess laughed. “Why, here, good friar! They are coming here. But I think they will not stay long. They travel to First Forge.”
Friar Benson was a little lost for a suitable response. “Strange times, lady.”
The Priestess collected herself a little. “It is always strange times. Keep an eye on that new one. Perhaps I should begin taking an interest.”

She moved on. Friar Benson went back to his telescope. It was a fine, clear night. A perfect night to watch the sky.

Riffing on that “watcher of the sky” thing from Deep Magic, the sky being “the overworld” of 13th age, seeing as how James is tossing around holy damage with Nova, and the whole business with being suspended from duty – maybe James’s icon relationship points should move around a little.

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