Secret, secret, secret

So, Andy held another contest, and no-one entered but me. Well, normally I take a bit of a back-seat because I write a fair bit; but his time no-one but me even bothered. So screw you guys, I will take the prize and not be even a little bit ashamed of it. I got two choices from a short list of special, special rewards.

First choice: re-jig your icon points a bit. Which fits with what I was attempting to do anyway in the previous (and did I mention prize-winning?) post.

Second choice: introduce an NPC into the campaign. There are, of course, a whole range of possibilties. But as we arrived in Newport and Andy described the place, this kinda gelled for me.


You know what, guys? I won’t actually post the story. It’s way too awesome. I’m going to send it over to Andy, and leave what I wrote as a draft post on my blog (titled “Secret Skills”). At some point in the future, I’ll publish it. But for now, the NPC can be a bit of a secret.

So there! Bwahahahaha!

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